Sharon Freewoman: Meet Your Neighbor Occupation: Retailer, The Rainbow Bridge |

Sharon Freewoman: Meet Your Neighbor Occupation: Retailer, The Rainbow Bridge

Amy Edgett/Sierra SunSharon Freewoman is all about the love.

In 1993, a friend and I were opening a metaphysical bookstore, and decided on the name The Rainbow Bridge. It is representative of the connection between Heaven and Earth, and how we are connected through our chakras. Unbeknownst to my photographer husband David, we were cooking up this name. He called from a photo shoot, where he just captured a Lunar Rainbow, visible only in spring and only in the moonlight, over a bridge of rock. We figured the name was a good choice of what we envisioned, representative of our connection as well. We were mothers at the time, and thought it would be a part-time endeavor. Then Poof!, the universe had a different vision for us.What was that vision?We are focused on healing, uplifting, and earth centered, with a sense of sustainability. Weve been doing this a long time now and have two stores (Tahoe City and The Village at Squaw). I perform energy healing with crystals, am a Reiki master, and trained in many different shaman techniques of healing, including crystal singing bowls.I understand you are a High Priestess in the Celtic Tradition?Yes, I am a minister, and can do wedding as a High Priestess. I dont necessarily have a church, I do a lot of teachings and energy healing, following the Celtic tradition. I have trained as a shaman in Native and South American traditions as well.Is there a common thread in these traditions?All religions, no matter what the culture or faith, come down to love, the practice of love, in one another, in the divine within.Is our community sensitive to this?Its a great community, many people write in thanks for help in finding their own divinity. We are open to all practices of faith here, and its all about the love.What do you love?My three wonderful children, and being an artist. I love drawing, painting, weaving and ceramics. I love swimming in the lake, although as I get older I like it to be a bit warmer. We have started Kirtan singings, a call and response of praises. These benefit READ, a global organization that provides education to outlying villages in India, Nepal. My husband plays the tablas, I play the crystal singing bowls, and Emily Tessmmer sings beautifully and plays the harmonium. We do it as a benefit volunteer thing, there has been great response in Truckee and Reno.How about those children?They are all grown, the youngest is in college. We homeschooled and had a great time. It was difficult at that time, we had to fight the school system for alternative education. They are creative, happy individuals and thats the best thing you can be.Do you believe in fairies?Yes. And elves, and angels. It is energy on different levels.Does this energy touch you?I channel information from spirit guides and get intuitive readings or messages from spirit. We all have spirit guides, guardian angels, whatever you wish to call them. I help divine messages from peoples guides. Of course, I concentrate on the positive messages.Have you always been attracted to the alternative?Ever since I was a teenager, at 17 I was a vegetarian. Our children were raised with alternative medicine. I have always loved plants, and am looking for a space in Truckee to teach energy medicine, using herbs, crystals to amplify your thoughts. You can focus your own mind to heal, your thoughts and actions are how your life turns out.Is it important for people to utilize this?We have more of a load in these trying times. Positive affirmations and uplifting thoughts, and a resource for enlightenment to promotes peace in the world, these are all important.You seem very centered.Im human, although I strive to live in balance and peace. I am looking to start a monthly group to get together with intentions, be it healing, good relationships, group energy manifests power. I offer free chakra and mini intuitive oracle readings as a ay to give time back to the community.Do you have a message for our readers?Its a good time to wear red socks. Its the holiday season, and it can make you feel ungrounded. Red is a grounding color, looking at your feet, or your root chakra during these trying times is a good way to focus on the present moment, who you are. Look at your red socks, and youre going to be happy. The Sierra Suns Amy Edgett performed this weeks Meet Your Neighbor interview and photo shoot. Please send Neighbor suggestions to

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