Sierra Sun welcomes new Truckee reporter

Sierra Sun welcomed a new reporter this week, who has already been out on the scene.

Zoe Meyer is coming to the Sun fresh out of college at Denison University in Ohio where she studied Journalism. While Meyer grew up visiting the Truckee/ Tahoe area, she is excited to be here full-time.

We asked her a series of questions to help the community get to know her a little better.

Zoe Meyer

Where did you live before here? I grew up in the inferno of Arizona. But migrated to the small mid-west town of Granville, Ohio where I recently graduated from Denison University.

Why did you become a journalist? First and foremost, I love people and storytelling. I wholeheartedly believe that journalism has the power to create change and bridge divides between people to further understand one another. Journalism transports us into worlds we wouldn’t otherwise see. I also want to write about some of the good. We are constantly inundated by devastating news coverage—because the bad attracts the most attention. But I think we can re-wire our psychology to be drawn to the good like we are the bad. And there’s so much good content to cover in Lake Tahoe.

What do you do for fun? I just got into photography recently and love capturing small moments. It’s as if I’m stopping time for a second. I’ve also been singing since I could crawl, so really enjoy some good old karaoke or making music with other people. I love swimming and absolutely anything outdoors. And I have a deranged obsession with horror films. I watch them every chance I get.

Is there anything that excites you about living in Truckee? Anything? Everything! Truckee is such a vibrant community with so much nature to explore. I’ve been traveling to the Lake Tahoe area since I was little and have always wanted to settle down here. I learned to ski here and, come winter, can’t wait to hit the slopes as a local.

If you could have lunch with any person, living or dead, who would you choose? Why? I know this probably isn’t the most sophisticated answer—but I’d love to meet Jimmy Fallon. He is just is so lovable in every way and truly seems as though he is unabashedly himself.  

What’s the coolest place you’ve ever traveled to? My favorite place I’ve ever traveled was to the small village of Ravello, Italy off of the Amalfi Coast. The last time my family and I visited, we bought tickets to Bobby McFerrin’s concert. The night of the concert, we were having dinner beforehand at this local pizzeria. I ordered mouth-watering spaghetti and meatballs. We looked to our left and there was Bobby McFerrin. Later, during his concert, he brought the mic over to me and said, “Sing, noodle girl!”

Best concert you’ve been to? Billy Joel. He performs with a fly swatter in hand.

What’s the worst movie you’ve seen? Why? The worst movie I’ve seen recently was Infinity Pool. It made absolutely zero sense. It’s as if the writers confused themselves somewhere along the way and couldn’t come to a consensus on how in the world to end it. Sorry to any fans out there. Please help ease my confusion!

Favorite season? Why? Winter. Hands down. I love the silence of a town draped in snow. Oh, and après-ski! And s’mores! And hot tubs surrounded by fresh powder.

Meyer can be reached at

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