Smoked out? Eat greens to detoxify |

Smoked out? Eat greens to detoxify

Rodney Shoemaker
Special to the Bonanza
Talk about a bad air day. Smoke from the Rim and American fires sits heavily over Lake Tahoe last Friday morning, seen here from the shores of Incline Village.
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Healthy precautions

Tahoe residents who smell smoke should consider taking these precautionary measures:

• Healthy people should delay strenuous exercise.

• Children and elderly people should consider avoiding outdoor activities, particularly prolonged outdoor exertion.

• People with health-related illnesses, particularly respiratory problems, should remain indoors.

• Keep windows and doors closed as much as possible. Use the recycle or re-circulate mode on the air conditioner in your home or car.

• Avoid the use of non-HEPA paper face mask filters which are not capable of filtering extra fine particles.

• Keep airways moist by drinking lots of water. Breathing through a warm, wet washcloth can also help relieve dryness.

• The same particles in smoke that cause problems for people may cause some problems for animals. It is recommended you limit the outdoor physical activity of your pets.

• Wildlife may be confused or startled by smoky conditions. Please be cautious, as some animals may be moving about at unusual times of the day.

• Exposure to smoke can cause coughing, watery and itchy eyes, difficulty breathing and other problems. Persons experiencing questionable or severe symptoms from smoke exposure should seek professional medical advice and treatment.

Source: Various regional health districts

The chemicals that create the vibrant color of fruits and vegetables boost your immune system and help our bodies fight cancer. Green fruits and vegetables get their color from chlorophyll. Chlorophyll has long been valued for its blood cleansing properties.

I’ve seen many patients the past two weeks with headaches, irritated lungs, sore throats and inflamed sinuses from the smoky air. Wood smoke is toxic. Chlorophyll will cleanse your blood by binding and neutralizing the toxins. An example would be eating parsley at the end of a meal. Chewing parsley releases the chlorophyll which neutralizes the chemicals that cause bad breath.

Grab some greens to cleanse your blood from the wildfire smoke. Have a salad instead of a sandwich at lunch and a salad with dinner. Basil, parsley, broccoli, celery and leafy greens are rich sources of chlorophyll. Give your body a daily dose of greens to stay healthy.

Rodney Shoemaker, DC, works with Incline Chiropractic Natural Health Center, located at 894 Southwood Blvd. in Incline Village. Learn more at

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