Soccer game escalates into 50-person brawl |

Soccer game escalates into 50-person brawl

A semi-final soccer game between two local teams turned into a nearly 50-person brawl at Truckees Riverview Park on Sunday. Around 2:20 p.m., Truckee Police responded to a request for medical aid at the soccer fields after a female had passed out during an alleged domestic dispute, said Truckee Police Sgt. Robert Womack.While wrapping up the alleged domestic assault call, officers were notified of an impending fight between the two soccer teams, said Sgt. Jason Litchie. Officers from the Truckee Police Department began patrolling the soccer field by foot when a referee issued a red card penalty, causing players and fans to rush the field, Litchie said.It was like somebody flipped a switch and in a matter of seconds, everything changed, Litchie said. Tempers were running high.The fight escalated quickly, and Litchie said he observed several children and a pregnant woman getting knocked around as onlookers swarmed the opposing teams. Officers subsequently lunged into the crowd and displayed their Tasers to diffuse the situation, but did not actually utilize the shock device, Litchie said. The Tasers worked great, Litchie said. Once people heard the Tasers activate, it was enough to cool the crowd.The California Highway Patrol and Placer County Sheriffs Department assisted Truckee Police with clearing the area and an order to disperse was issued a measure typically used to control riots, Litchie said. No arrests were made, no injuries were reported and no one wished to file charges, Womack said. Its not uncommon when you get to a certain point in a soccer league to have this kind of thing happen, Womack said. People play very hard sometimes and things can get out of hand.Jenny Goldsmith, Sierra Sun