South Lake Tahoe City Council to discuss vacation home rental policies |

South Lake Tahoe City Council to discuss vacation home rental policies

Claire Cudahy

On Tuesday, Oct. 3, the city of South Lake Tahoe is hosting another special City Council meeting and public workshop to discuss amendments to the code regulating vacation home rentals (VHRs).

In early September, City Council held a public workshop to discuss a slew of proposed changes to the code drafted by a VHR sub-committee.

After a marathon meeting with several hours of public comment, City Council appeared to reach some consensus on the amendments, including the requirement that all new VHRs must have a bear box. Existing VHRs would have until 2018 to meet this requirement.

Additionally, any code violation would result in a fine, without warning, of $1,000 to the owner or guest, up from a base fine of $250. A permit would be revoked if there were three citations within two years.

Council also agreed to remove several parts of the proposed ordinance, such as the requirement that an owner or manager visit the VHR in person within 18 hours of check-in. They also elected to eliminate the portion of the ordinance that said a house must measure at least 1,100 square feet in order to be considered for a new permit.

City Council, however, did not reach an agreement on a minimum distance standard between VHRs, a total cap on the number of VHRs authorized in the city, and whether VHR rules — such as no large-scale special events and occupancy limits — would apply when owners are occupying the property. These three topics will be the center of discussion at the Oct. 3 workshop.

The meeting, held in the City Council Chambers, starts at 9 a.m.