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Speeders beware

Photo by Josh Miller/Sierra Sun Gary Grosjean, a Glenshire resident, and his son, Gary Jr., stand by their homemade sign on The Strand. Grosjean is one of many Glenshire residents concerned about drivers speeding through the neighborhood.

The Truckee Police Department is making a concerted effort to crack down on what department personnel say is an ongoing problem of drivers speeding through Truckee’s neighborhoods.”We get complaints almost every day of the week, if not every day,” said Sgt. Dan Johnston, who headed up a recent traffic enforcement campaign in problem areas around town.”It is not uncommon for us to go work an area and write 20-plus citations in a single morning for [drivers] going 40 mph or better in a 25 mph zone, which is an absolute residential street,” he said.

Drivers speeding through town has always been a problem in Truckee, but many residents think the situation may be getting worse.Glenshire resident Gary Grosjean is one of those who has seen a noticeable increase in speeders driving by his home near the corner of Glenshire Drive and The Strand.Grosjean, who has three children ages 16, 9 and 4, worries that with all the kids who play in or near the street in the neighborhood, it’s only a matter of time before someone gets seriously injured or killed.”We’re just trying to bring some awareness to this corner in particular, so our neighbors will slow down a little bit and have a little bit of respect for the people who live here at the bottom,” he said. “There are a lot of children down here. We all have kids and we just don’t want to see anyone get hurt.

“I don’t want to be the vigilante bad guy; I just want people to be cool, and respect this part of the street like we respect theirs up there.”According to Grosjean, many of his neighbors have called the police to complain about the speeding on The Strand, complaints which resulted in a police presence on that street in recent weeks.Sgt. Johnston knows that The Strand is a good area to catch speeders, and a recent enforcement campaign there netted 30-plus citations in three days of work.”Surprisingly, what turns out to be happening is you generally will get the people who live in the area,” Johnston said. “It’s not usually strangers, it’s usually people who live in the area who have gotten so comfortable in driving their own street that they lose sight of the fact that when you’re standing along side of the street and see somebody going along at 40 mph you immediately turn your head. But when you’re driving it, you may not even notice.”

But while it’s mostly residents doing the speeding in Glenshire, complaints in Tahoe Donner seem to focus on construction workers going to lunch or going home from a jobsite.”We recently caught a guy on Northwoods driving 67 mph in a 30 mph zone,” Johnston said. “He was a construction worker going to lunch.”According to Lt. Jeff Nichols, the Truckee PD tries to promote voluntary compliance with the speed laws with the help of radar trailers and a visible police presence in areas with high accident rates and/or a lot of citizen complaints.But if that doesn’t work, Nichols said, expect to see Truckee Police officers handing out a lot more citations.

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