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Spey casting catching on with anglers

Steelhead fishermen along the states north coast have begun a new trend in fishing the past few years. Spey casting has become an increasingly popular way to fish the large rivers of the north state for steelhead and salmon.Spey casting, or two-handed fly casting, is not something new. It has, however, become very popular on large rivers because of the ease of the technique.Those employing this method are able to fire long casts and have much more control because of the length of the rods. Rods varying in length from 13 to 15 feet are most common.Casting these rods is not quite the same as the traditional overhead casting style. These rods are best cast using a roll cast, one of the first casts a single-handed fly fisher learns.The rod is loaded by positioning the line for the direction in which one desires to cast. The rod is loaded by the combination of current and force that is applied in the roll cast motion.Casts of 100 feet are not uncommon using this method. With the new equipment, the rods and lines in particular, an experienced angler can punch a good amount of line out all the way across many of our Western coastal rivers.Line control is also good with these longer rods. The dry line skating method is a prime example of this control. The longer rod allows an angler to skate a large dry fly over quite an area when fishing for steelhead. This can really improve ones success.With the versatility of these rods for steelhead, many rod manufacturers have now begun to produce two-handed rods for trout fishing. These rods have been called switch rods because they can be cast traditionally or two-handed.As in steelheading, the two-handed casting allows an angler to reach great distances. As a result, an angler can cover all of the water available to fish with minimal repositioning. This technique is extremely worthwhile in fishing with streamers on the Truckee River.If you are interested in learning this form of fishing, check out the latest equipment and learn how its done at the upcoming International Sports Exposition in Sacramento from Jan. 17-20 or the Fly Fishing Show from Feb. 22-24 in Pleasanton.Spey casting is growing in popularity among steelhead and salmon fly fishers and is really beginning to catch on with trout fishermen. See what all the excitement is about.Bruce Ajari is a Truckee resident and regular fishing columnist for the Sierra Sun and other area newspapers.

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