Back on top of the UPickEm world |

Back on top of the UPickEm world

Paul Raymore
Sierra Sun

Oh yeah! It feels good to retake my throne at the top of the Sierra Sun’s UPickEm Pro Football Challenge this week. And the fact that I’ve been picking woefully for the past two weeks makes this week’s win that much sweeter.

Sure, locals David Shelton and Jesse H both tied me with 11 correct picks (out of 14 possible); however, the tie-breaker method does not lie, and my prediction of the Giants beating the Steelers 21-17 was close enough to the real score (Giants 21, Steelers 14) that I came out on top.

Lucky for both David and Jesse, Sierra Sun staff can’t win prizes, so David will have his choice of a Pete ‘N Peters or Blue Coyote gift certificate this week, with Jesse picking up the prize David doesn’t select. And I’ll have to be satisfied with bragging rights.

Think you can do better? Then get in the game now at Each week you pick the winner for each pro football game up to 15 minutes before it is scheduled to start. And each week the player with the most correct picks (see Web site for tie-breaker rules) wins their choice of a Blue Coyote or Pete ‘N Peters gift certificate, with second place taking the prize not selected by the winner.

In addition, we publish the names of the top 10 or so local players every Wednesday, meaning that even if you don’t win, at least you can brag if you beat your friends.

So get in the game! Log on to now and sign up.