Mile High shooters take aim |

Mile High shooters take aim

Dan Savickas

Colin FisherA cowboy takes aim in the Mile High Shot at McIver Arean this week.

This weekend the Mile High Shot was held at Mclver Arena as one of the first events in the weeklong, Western Week in Truckee.

The Western Week is a week’s worth of events leading up to the Truckee Rodeo this weekend.

After the week’s worth of events somewhat died out, the Truckee Railroad Regulators and the Truckee Donner Horseman took it upon themselves to resurrect the week.

“We’re getting a lot of support from the community,” said Railroad Regulator Captain Dennis Cook. “People that have lived in the community for awhile want to see the spirit of the Wild West kept alive.”

The spirit of the Wild West is growing. In the Mile High Cowboy Mounted Shooting competition, 19 people competed this year. The number is up five from last year’s competition. “I’m glad to see it’s growing in Tuckee,” Cook said.

Horsemanship and shooting skills are the driving force behind this competition. Competitors shot at targets from horseback with balloon blanks. The blanks shoot 12 feet.

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For the first time in the 20-year’s of the competition two people from Truckee competed in the event. Brain Smart and Josh Susman rode in the novice division.

In the Senior division, six-time World Champion Stoney Meadows won the competition. Jerry Bestpich rode away with first place in his division.

The Truckee Rodeo takes place Saturday at 3 p.m. and Sunday at noon.