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Picos impressive in gusty Tahoe winds

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Jill Casey/Provided to the SunHayden Hauserman, a Pico sailor in the Monday Night Racing Series on Lake Tahoe, shows good form after completing a tack. Hauserman placed first on the evening in the Pico fleet, which had an impressive overall showing.

For yet another night, Laser sailors in the Monday Night Racing Series on Lake Tahoe had beautiful conditions for their evening races.

“Usually at some point in a season we end up with no wind and drifting, but this year has been exceptional,” said Stan Eriksson, who won both the ‘A’ fleet races Monday.

In the first race Eriksson put a huge lead on the fleet during the first leg and held off attacks from both Jim Granger and Buff Wendt over the course of a very long race for a decisive win.

The next race was shorter and the boats were much closer together, but Eriksson skillfully kept Dan Hauserman and David Adolphs under cover to win the race.

In the ‘B’ fleet, Kiwi Moore made a charge to upset Chaco Mohler’s winning streak. Like Eriksson, Moore scored two bullets for the night.

“Kiwi caught one favorable shift and ended up so far ahead in the first race that he was uncatchable,” Mohler said.

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The ‘B’ fleet had a historical record of 10 boats racing on Monday night thanks to the newest competitor, Ron Driller.

The Picos once again put in a solid showing with five boats racing. ‘A’ fleet racer Matt Clark was impressed with their sailing abilities.

“The night started out fairly windy and gusty, yet they had no problem mixing it up with full-sized Lasers prior to the start,” Clark said. “All of their boat handling was excellent; I can see those of us already in the ‘A’ fleet will have to be good to keep up with these kids in the future.”

Making her debut in Pico racing was Anya Wittels, who easily completed both races. Hayden Hauserman imitated the ‘A’ and ‘B’ fleet winners by scoring two first-place finishes.

A fleet

Stan Eriksson 2 points

Dan Hauserman 6 points

Jim Granger 6 points

Buff Wendt 10 points

David Adolphs 11 points

B fleet

Kiwi Moore 2 points

Courtney Taves 6 points

Chaco Mohler 6 points

RB Clark 11 points

Brad Tyler 12 points

Pico fleet

Hayden Hauserman 2 points

Zack Thomas 5 points

Drew McMillan 5 points

Ryan Conner 8 points

Anya Wittels 10 points