Sparks too strong for Truckee Junior Pee Wees |

Sparks too strong for Truckee Junior Pee Wees

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Truckee Junior Pee Wee safety Jackson Kahl screamed from the sideline,"air strike base, air strike base!"

While it might have sounded like Kahl was calling for reinforcements during Truckee's first-round playoff loss Friday night, he was actually attempting to explain to his teammates that the Sparks Wolfpack's tailback was going to run the ball between the tackles.

The 10-year-old who was subbing in and out on defense had figured out Sparks' entire offense by the first quarter.

"'Air strike base' is the two-back getting the ball in motion and 'night hawk' is the tailback running the ball inside the tackles," Kahl explained to his defensive teammates and coaches on the Truckee sideline.

Kahl was absolutely correct in his assessment of Sparks' offensive plays that were being shouted in from their sideline, but the knowledge was not enough to stop the Wolfpack from pounding out a 40-6 win.

Despite the full understanding of Sparks' offense, Truckee failed to stop the runs that the Wolfpack hammered them with.

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Sparks did not attempt to throw the ball and ran their handful of plays extremely efficiently. They scored a touchdown on every one of their six possessions. They also chewed up a majority of the clock in the second half with a 19-play drive that closed out the third quarter and consumed much of the fourth quarter.

The Wolfpack offense amassed 149 yards in the first quarter from 15 carries. Three of those 15 runs crossed the goal line to give them a 20-6 lead at the end of the first quarter. Sparks added another 87 yards from 13 carries in the second quarter and also added two more scores to lead 34-6 at the end of the first half.

Sparks' 19-play drive in the second half added another 71 yards to their total, 307 yards, and finished the scoring at 40-6.

Truckee's offense was a little more balanced than Sparks with eight pass attempts to compliment 17 run attempts; however, the Wolverines were not as efficient with their plays and earned a total of 160 yards.

Truckee scored its lone touchdown of the game in the first quarter when running back Brian Baker got outside of the Wolfpack's blitz and went untouched for 52 yards.

The Wolverines came close to scoring in the third quarter when Kahl took a screen pass from quarterback Tavin Hamilton 40 yards but was brought down from behind at the three yard line.

The Wolfpack coaches called four straight blitzes and backed up the Wolverines with two sacks, an incomplete pass to avoid a third sack and a stop at the line of scrimmage to force a turnover on downs without a score.

Truckee's offense sniffed the end zone on two other drives courtesy of running back Damon Parisi who returned to the field for the Wolverines after missing half the season with an injury.

Parisi caught an 11-yard pass in the middle of the field to put Truckee at Sparks' 28 yard line. That drive ended without points two plays later when time expired in the first half.

Parisi bolted around the left side 38 yards before being pushed out of bounds at Sparks' 25 yard line to present the Wolverines with their final scoring opportunity. But it was the clock and a Sparks blitz again that thwarted Truckee's last threatening drive. The game ended on the next play when the Sparks coaches sent more players than Truckee could block. Hamilton was sacked as the final seconds ticked away.

Hamilton finished the game with three completions from eight attempts for 59 yards.

Wide receiver Jake Marr pulled down one of Hamilton's passes for eight yards. The other two completions were gathered in by Kahl and Parisi.

Parisi gained 11 yards on his single reception and gained 38 yards on his single carry.

Kahl caught Hamilton's other completion for the biggest pass play of the game, 40 yards.

Baker was Truckee's leading rusher with 67 yards from nine carries. Running back Aidan Powers managed a yard on a single run up the middle.

Defensively, Truckee was led by linebacker Micah Ivens. He racked up a personal best 15 tackles.

Defensive end Peter Reoutt also set a personal best with 11 tackles.

Linebacker Matt Seline, Truckee's leading tackler on the season, closed in on 100 tackles for the season and sits at 97 after dropping 10 Sparks' runners.

Safety Alex Roberts and linebacker Hunter Hansell both tallied six of their nine total tackles during the last Sparks drive.

Cornerback Galdino Bravo-Karvonen tackled five Sparks runners and went solo on Truckee's only sack of the game. Defensive tackle Jace Borden matched Bravo-Karvonen's effort with five tackles but accomplished the feat in a span of just six plays in the fourth quarter.

One of Truckee's most physical players, linebacker Powers, brought down four Sparks' runners. Baker, who subbed in and out as safety and linebacker, made the most of limited time on defense and match Powers with four tackles. Defensive tackle Hamilton turned in a similar performance to Baker and tackled four during his limited defensive time.

Linebacker Jason Roth has the second most tackles on the team for the season but left the game after just four tackles in the second quarter due to an injury.

Defensive tackles Carlos Diaz and Diego Martinez, cornerbacks Juan Arroyo and Marr and safety Kahl all chipped in two tackles each.

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The Wolverines end their 2014 campaign against South Tahoe at Golden Eagle Park in Sparks on Saturday at 1 p.m.