The circus has arrived, and it’s in California |

The circus has arrived, and it’s in California

Keepin' Score, Dan Savickas

What do an adult film star, a wanna-be high school student counsel member, Gallagher, Larry Flynn and the Terminator have in common? They’re all hoping to be Governor if Gray Davis is recalled in October.

The possibility of a recall has turned California into a circus, but isn’t that right par for the course in politics? I began to think to myself, the list of candidates doesn’t actually seem all that bad.

After all, an adult film star is perfect for politics because they are used to screwing people. Arnold Schwarzenegger knows plenty about acting, a key to politics. Gallagher, well at least he would be entertaining (for the first 10 minutes). Larry Flynn has a racy past; it worked for Bill Clinton.

Speaking of “slick Willie,” Clinton is reportedly advising Davis on his possible recall. Sources close to the situation say Clinton is advising Davis to use a similar platform he (Clinton) used to avoid being booted from the White House.

But the list of candidates goes on. One woman is selling thong underwear with her campaign slogan on her Web-site. A high school teacher is running in the possible recall to teach his class about politics. Gary Coleman is running for Governor just for fun.

Coleman does have campaign issues, it’s just he’s not going to campaign. He claims to be in favor of same-sex marriages and decriminalization of marijuana. Coleman also states he is for drilling national parks for oil. Whatchu talkin’ ’bout Coleman? But Coleman should not be a key candidate in the recall since he seems determined to cast his vote for Schwarzenegger.

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As I look through the list of candidates I am regretful I did not attempt to run for governor of this great state. I’m young, I don’t know much about the politics in California, and I can tell stories. I recently started a non-profit organization entitled, “The Get a House for Savickas Foundation.” I think I’d be neck and neck with Arnold if I had gathered my signatures and put up the $3,500 registration fee. Although Arnold’s neck would be bigger on the account of I don’t lift weights; they’re just too heavy.