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Spread the love: Allow your heart chakras to beam with gratitude

Sarah McCallum
Special to the Bonanza

TAHOE VISTA, Calif. — We all tend to experience some sort of tension or stress in certain areas of the body, and often times it can be a chronic problem.

There are various events like sports accidents or trauma that may leave injury, but these issues can also stem from emotional baggage.

Moving on from the head and neck to the chest and arms, we begin to explore a highly energetic area of the body. The heart chakra is an area where we feel love or on the other side of the spectrum, fear.

It is impossible to feel both at the same time, and therefore in times of great danger, people tend to feel tightness or discomfort in their chest. When we have been shamed or disillusioned at some point in our lives, the heart chakra responds by closing up.

Moreover, when our hearts are open and we feel secure, we tend to sit up straight and move our arms freely. Circulation is linked up with the heart chakra, and when we are closed off in that area, we may feel tingling or numbness in our arms and hands.

We need the blood to flow in order for our life force to reach our extremities.

Geranium essential oil has been helpful in relieving stagnant energy and encouraging blood flow. This particular oil is a wonderful tonic for the heart and tends to calm the wearer with tender maternal vibrations.

Applying a drop or two to your favorite lotion and massaging the feet before embarking on your day will help to quell coldness in the feet and toes.

Remember to show love to others, even when you may not feel loving. Just as we study in order to pass an exam, we need to create healthy habits to remind ourselves how good it feels to love and be loved in return.

With the fast paced lifestyle so many of us lead today it is easy to run on autopilot, just floating through life. Let us not forget the simple and easy steps we can take toward a healthier and more fulfilling life like the act of giving another a hug or a smile.

When we allow our heart chakras to beam with gratitude, others will take notice and maybe, just maybe, they will pay it forward.

Take a moment to reclaim your loving power by stopping in for a healing session and allowing your heart to open and flourish.

Sarah McCallum is a massage therapist at North Lake Massage & Skin Care in Tahoe Vista. Visit northlakemassageandskincare.com to learn more.

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