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Spring produce with a sexy kick

Foods like asparagus, oysters, figs, and, or course, chocolate, all allegedly have aphrodisiac-like properties.

Spring Fever a time when hormones are raging and excitement is in the air. And while the rising temperatures mean more and more pasty, white, sun-starved flesh is being bared around Tahoe, it also means that April produce is about to start blooming with possibilities and aphrodisiac magic.Remember the saying, April showers bring May flowers? Well, dash off to the market because this month is packed full of produce with vitamins and minerals bound to make your cheeks flush and your flowers flourish.Who would have thought that asparagus, oysters, figs and chocolate would be the key ingredients for landing you a spring fling? Forbidden fruit and aphrodisiac foods have been tantalizing us since the beginning of time. Simple put, aphrodisiacs are stimulants of passion. Think of how popular Viagra is in our society and then picture an ancient lover gorging truffles on his wedding night.Other aphrodisiac qualities are attributed to visually phallic produce. D.H. Lawrence dedicated a poem solely to the sensuality of figs. Luckily for us, spring sets the aromatic atmosphere for attraction and is coincidentally the season that yields the most persuasive produce. Slender and often steamed asparagus have been eagerly enjoyed since early Greek and Roman times. Asparagus were served in three-course meals for bridegrooms because of its reputed sexual powers. The Romans also took pleasure in slurping oysters as aphrodisiacs since the second century A.D. Oysters have the unique ability to change their sex from male to female and back (successive hermaphrodism) just another example of its mythical sexual power. Casanova, the ultimate lover, is said to have eaten 50 raw oysters every day. Another April aphrodisiac known for its sexual stimulation are figs. Figs were thought to be in the Garden of Eden and the true forbidden fruit. Figs are flamboyant in their inner beauty and fantastic in flavor. Finally, the most irresistible aphrodisiac and craved indulgence youll ever encounter is Chocolate. The Aztecs, the first chocolate makers, believed chocolate was the food of the gods. The ancient king of the Aztecs, Montezuma, was said to have drank 50 cups of cocoa before entering his harem of several hundred women. Can you image if he ate 50 oysters as well?! The powerful mood lifting ingredients in chocolate have the ability to lower your inhibitions and create a euphoric love-induced state. Pretty potent stuff.

If the scene in your own kitchen is less than sexy, bring your appetites to Moodys Bistro & Lounge in Truckee for a feast for all the senses.Not only is the food impossible to forget, but the overall experience is very similar to head chef and co-owner Mark Estees personality passionate. Estee conveys his passion when talking about everything from aphrodisiac cooking to his seasonal, simple, local and fresh menu theories. He believes the whole experience including taste, mood, and pheromones are the magic ingredients within aphrodisiacs. Whether its swallowing oysters or enjoying champagne with caviar, Estee makes the magic happen by keeping the portions light and his guests energized. He notes how raw meat and fish like Beef Tartare and Sashimi are two mood intensifying foods. Moodys stands alone with its utilization of sustainable farming products, its daily menu changes, and their goals for providing organic produce. If youre seeking sensual stimulation and need an expert to prepare an enchanting meal, then Estee and his staff are the answer for your appetite.

For more inspiration and some spicy recipes, I strongly recommend Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook by Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge. Besides a fantastic cookbook, the vibrant pictures accompanying the striking stories will make some sultry conversation starters.

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