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Squaw irrigation ordinance nears completion

Joanna Hartman
Sierra Sun

The Squaw Valley Public Service District hosted another meeting Tuesday to review the valley’s proposed irrigation ordinance.

“Could it be we’re getting close to being there?” said Squaw Valley Public Service District Board Director John Wilcox.

In its seventh draft, the water document is nearing completion and will likely be brought to the board on or before the February meeting, said service district general manager Rick Lierman.

The ordinance will set clear recommendations and rules for Squaw Valley regarding water conservation practices, landscaping and new development requirements according to three different levels of water supply conditions.

Over the past months the district’s board and staff have been splitting hairs over language in the document in an effort to make it clear and easy to understand for valley residents and businesses.

After a final review by the service district’s attorney, Tom Archer, the irrigation ordinance will be passed on to the board of directors for approval.