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Squaw, Royal Gorge special use permits up for renewal

Paul Raymore
Sierra Sun

Each year the Squaw Valley Ski Corporation leases approximately 150 acres of U.S. Forest Service land near the Granite Chief chairlift, at the top of Squaw Peak and in the Sun Bowl area that falls within the ski area boundary.

Every 10 years or so they must renew their permit for that land, which gives Forest Service personnel the chance to reconsider the lease agreement and evaluate if the land has been utilized in any unauthorized ways.

That permit renewal is currently up for consideration, and according to Robert Moore, winter sports specialist for the Forest Service’s Truckee Ranger District, “Everything is pretty much status quo.”

Because the land leased by Squaw is undeveloped and will remain so, the permit renewal is mostly a formality, Moore said.

“These are straightforward if the use is not going to change… It’s no skin off anybody’s nose to push it [the permit length] out there as far as you possibly can. It just makes life a lot easier and lessens our workload 10 years from now,” he added.

Last year, Squaw Valley Ski Corp. paid $5,275 for the lease of the Forest Service land. But that number might increase depending on what comparative land has been leasing for in the area.

Also on Moore’s calendar this quarter is a permit renewal for Royal Gorge Cross Country Ski Resort, another renewal that will be straightforward as the use of the property has not changed.

The exact acreage that Royal Gorge leases from the Forest Service was unavailable. However, Moore said that it was only a few acres used to connect Royal Gorge’s trail network, the majority of which is on private land.

Public comments on either Squaw Valley’s or Royal Gorge’s permit renewal applications can be made in writing to Robert Moore, Truckee Ranger District, 9646 Donner Pass Road, Truckee, CA 96161.