Still no arrests in pot bust |

Still no arrests in pot bust

Detectives with the Truckee Police Department are still searching for the suspects responsible for the cultivation of an estimated $140,000 worth of marijuana found in a home near the Ponderosa Golf Course.No arrests have yet been made in the case, and the residents of the rented house on Reynold Way have not returned since the discovery was made, according to Truckee police Chief Scott Berry.Acting on a tip from a Truckee Animal Control officer who noticed the odor of marijuana coming from the residence, Truckee officers searched the Reynold Way house and another on Somerset Drive in Glenshire with the help of Federal Drug Enforcement Agency officers and members of the South Lake Tahoe SLEDNET Narcotics Enforcement Team. The officers found more than 70 live marijuana plants in the Reynold Way residence and evidence of a recent marijuana harvest at the house on Somerset.Approximately $20,000 worth of sophisticated grow equipment was also found at both residences, Berry said, including grow lights on timers, nutrient systems and air filters to clean the air being pumped outside of the grow rooms.Evidence found at both residences suggests that the two operations are likely linked, police said.While Truckee Sgt. Tim Hargrove said the bust does not signal a growing drug problem in Truckee, Berry said he was surprised that neither of the homeowners seemed overly concerned to learn that marijuana was being cultivated on their property.One of the houses was declared unlivable due to structural modifications made to accommodate the grow room, Berry said, adding that “the owner basically told us, ‘I’ll just charge them another $3,000 in rent this month.'”