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Christine Stanley
Sierra Sun
Ryan Salm/Sierra SunStudent of the week - Bozhie Pokorny

10, 5th

Tahoe Lake School

We’ve learned lots of cool things. We learned about breakfast, and vegetables and South America. We also got castanets. You hold them in your fingers and when they snap together, they make a sound.

Reading. My favorite book that I read this year is the one I just finished ” Mr. Popper’s Penguins. This guy (Mr. Popper) always wanted to go to the South Pole, so he wrote a letter to an explorer who sent him a penguin. They built him a refrigerator, but he got sick. So [Mr. Popper] got another penguin ” a girl, and the two had 10 babies. [Mr. Popper] was poor from feeding all the penguins, so they trained the penguins and made them a show.

At the end of the year we have a big carnival here at school with a Slip ‘n Slide to celebrate the end of the year.

I like to ice skate and ski, and I also like to play in the snow a lot. I started getting into ice skating about two months ago, and my dad is actually digging a hole in the back yard for an ice skating rink.

An actress ” a comedy actress because I like goofing around. Sometimes when I have a problem, I act it out to figure out what I should do.

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