Student of the Week: Sean Jordan |

Student of the Week: Sean Jordan

Christine Stanley
Sierra Sun

Ryan Salm/Sierra SunSean Jordan

Coldstream Alternative

17, Senior

It’s a research paper, and interview and something you create. I’m an actor, so I’m going to be doing a couple of monologues from movies such as “Dogma” that are represented through my own eyes.

When I was little, I had lunch with Robin Williams and his family, and ever since that point, I’ve wanted to make people laugh. That grew into wanting to be an actor and on the silver screen. I’m going to American River College to study theater and psychology. I’m mainly looking at film, but come the end of January, I’ll be down in L.A. auditioning for some pilot shows.

I’m excited and nervous about college. I’m getting cold feet. I start Jan. 17 and I’ll be going down there for classes and then coming back up here to ski and work on the weekends.

Possibilities. It’s a whole new world out there and it’s time to go discover it.

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I’ll be skiing and working. I’m a developmental team coach at Alpine Meadows. Skiing is just a fun thing to do and it builds a lot of teamwork and communication skills. Plus the little kids are just fun.

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