Sun editorial: Cheers and Jeers |

Sun editorial: Cheers and Jeers

the Sierra Sun editorial board

JEERS: To the lack of openness by the Truckee Fire Protection District Board of Trustees regarding a decision to place an ambulance outside its jurisdiction, a move that created animosity from community partners and hard questions from their taxpayers. Open records law prohibit public agency decisions from being made in private, unless they are dealing with land values, litigation, personnel issues or labor negotiation and this circumstance included none, although litigation certainly is a possibility now. We fear these actions are not something the Truckee Fire district can heal from without leadership change or a strong message from the board backing the department management. Ultimately, lives are at stake. To keep us safe from large wildfires, we must count on close cooperation among departments and healthy, open communication. That will be missing until Truckee Fire apologizes and rededicates itself to transparency and the community it says it wants to support.

CHEERS: To moms! Sunday is Motherand#8217;s Day, the day we get to praise and spoil our moms for all the great things they have done and continue to do. When we were kids, while we acted like we hated it when they rubbed dirt off our face when it seemed like the whole second grade watched or disciplined us for saying a bad word, we know they were only looking out for the best of us, and we can look back at those days and share them now as loving memories. On Sunday, be sure to give your mom a big old hug. Or a phone call if sheand#8217;s far away. In fact, go a step further and give her a hug or phone call every day, not just Sunday. She certainly deserves it.

JEERS: To local residents or visitors who feel itand#8217;s fun to tear up private land and threaten the future of some terrific trail land in Glenshire. Just look at the list of wrongs perpetrated for a few selfish moments of off-roading joy:

and#8226; Trespassing on private lands.

and#8226; Breaking trail where none existed, thereby scoffing at the tread-lightly approach to responsible offroading.

and#8226; Destroying private property and having a complete lack of respect for nature.

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And we arenand#8217;t even touching on the points of being so ill-prepared for an off-roading excursion that these drivers are putting themselves and others at risk. When we see Truckee Pride stickers on the abandoned vehicles that rutted up previously undisturbed private lands, we ask what this driver has to be proud of and#8212; a complete lack of respect for your neighbors, property and the natural environment? Itand#8217;s our sincere hope once these illegal off-roaders are caught for their offenses, theyand#8217;re made to pay the appropriate fines as well as made to rebuild and rehabilitate the land they destroyed.

CHEERS: To some positive news for the national and local economy, in the form of the terrific 2009-10 ski resort season. The National Ski Areas Association this week reported that preliminary figures show the season was the second-best on record, after 60.5 million visits in the 2007-08 season. Locally, a combination of steady snowfall and some fresh special- and season-pass ventures from our Truckee/Tahoe resorts helped us contribute to the great year. Thereand#8217;s nothing like a good feeling heading into the summer season.