Sun editorial: Cheers and Jeers |

Sun editorial: Cheers and Jeers

The Editorial Board

CHEERS: To the emergency personnel who worked hard Wednesday to keep too much diesel fuel from contaminating Donner Lake and our drinking water. What passes through our area on Interstate 80 is easy to ignore, but tons of hazardous materials are trucked through that are a threat to our environment. Quick action by local fire and police, not to mention community volunteers and others, kept this accident under control.

CHEERS: To those actively recruiting the Tour of California into the Tahoe region. The regional economic impact would be hundreds of hotel rooms sold and international exposure, which could go into the millions of dollars. While it will take a small investment to provide the area for this race, itand#8217;s small considering the long-term positives it will bring. Look for an announcement in late June or early July.

JEERS: To all this snow. Despite the fact that Squaw is re-opening, weand#8217;re hoping for summer to arrive at some point. Weand#8217;ve heard a lot of jokes this week about the late snow, but the best and#8220;fake headlineand#8221; weand#8217;ve read so far is: and#8220;California annexes spring. Legislature split on when summer should start.and#8221; Sigh.

CHEERS: To the veterans we honor and celebrate every Memorial Day. We hope everyone can take time out this weekend to pause, take a moment, and remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.