Sun editorial: Truckee PD still a very respectable institution |

Sun editorial: Truckee PD still a very respectable institution

the editorial staff of the Sierra Sun

We encourage readers who learned about a questionable video posted by an off-duty Truckee police officer to separate the single incident from the police department as a whole.

The video in question, which depicts lewd acts involving firearms and human waste, falls well below the expectation for public officials in charge of community safety, which is why we reported on the video.

But this is not about the quality of police work done by our Truckee Police Department. In a world where most want to see issues in black-and-white, even the police officer in question falls into shades of gray. The chief of police stood by his record and accomplishments, despite his behavior on YouTube.

In no way is this an indication of a pattern or trend, from what weand#8217;ve determined. We have seen the Truckee Police Department make large strides in community outreach and participation in the past two years, which pays off in times like these. Chief Sensley, from the first day he arrived, has actively involved himself in nearly ever facet of our community.

The chief was also very open and honest in working with the newspaper on this story, knowing that he too has higher expectations for his officers, but will not and#8220;parentand#8221; them when they are off duty. We applaud him for this approach.

We hope our readership can take the high road, understand this story was the paperand#8217;s way of holding public officials accountable, but in no way were we implying the story to be an indication of any pattern within the department.

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And because the department was open in dealing with the issue, we emphasize even more that our community give the department the benefit of the doubt, and support our police, who put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.