Surf’s Up: Photo contest winner announced |

Surf’s Up: Photo contest winner announced

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Subject and original idea by Pat Dolan. Photo by Carolyn Dolan.

Thanks to all the Lake Tahoe photographers who submitted more than 380 photos to the March snow photo contest.

Carolyn Dolan is the winner with Surf’s Up in Tahoe, receiving 90 votes. Dolan will receive a three-day, two night stay at one of 70 locations from Napa Valley to Miami Beach. This package is for two nights lodging and the chance to receive up to $100 in gas cards.

March Snow Contest Final Results

Surf’s Up in Tahoe!: 90 Votes

Tahoe Snowbear: 51 Votes

Ready for Alaska: 26 Votes

Tahoe Blue: 26 Votes

Bear in Sierra Tract: 10 Votes

Seating for One, Mountains for More: 9 Votes

Winter Boating in Marla Bay: 6 Votes

Kirkwood Snowboarder 6 Votes

Hawkins Peak at Sunset: 6 Votes

McKinney Bay from Eagle Rock: 6 Votes