Suspected nuisance bear captured in trap |

Suspected nuisance bear captured in trap

Another yearling black bear was killed in the North Lake Tahoe area last Friday after a trap was set to catch a nuisance bear that had damaged private property.

A depredation permit was issued by the California Department of Fish and Game after a second homeowner reported a bear had broken into her River Road residence off Highway 89 near the entrance to Squaw Valley, according to the BEAR League.

This was the second bear break-in to occur at this residence over the past year, said house cleaner Jennifer Kallmes, who lives in the neighborhood and helped tidy the house after both encounters.

The first break-in occurred last fall and caused significant damage to the residence, Kallmes said.

Kallmes said the homeowner had since moved some furniture around to barricade the doors, but one door was left unsecured due to a faulty lock.

The homeowner was contacted, but refused to comment on the story.

After inspecting the house, Kallmes said she immediately purchased and installed four barking-dog alarms for the homeowner and also recommended a contractor for the homeowner to contact for tips on securing the residence.

Fish and Game did not confirm the death of the young bear, but once a bear has entered a trap, the permit requested by the homeowner is considered filled and the policy is to subsequently kill the bear, said Ann Bryant, executive director of the BEAR League.

“This is the way our state handles the animal on our state flag,” Bryant said. “There was no way to tell if this was the bear from last week.”

” Jenny Goldsmith, Sierra Sun