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Tahoe Boca to get environmental review

David Bunker, Sierra Sun

The development team for Tahoe Boca, a 250-home proposal just east of the Glenshire subdivision, has asked the Town of Truckee to prepare an environmental impact report for the project.

The town sent out requests for environmental impact report (EIR) proposals on Monday, and town staff should have a company selected by March. A draft EIR on the project would likely be completed by sometime in the summer, town staff said.

The decision to go forward with an EIR comes after developers repeatedly tried to convince town staff and neighboring residents that traffic and environmental studies they had done, coupled with a 1990 EIR completed for the area, provided enough data on the project’s potential impacts. Developers asked for a Mitigated Negative Declaration, a less stringent environmental process in which impacts of the project are concluded to be minor and able to be canceled out with mitigation measures.

However, in a neighborhood meeting, held on Dec. 9 and attended by approximately 150 neighboring residents, attendees overwhelmingly supported requiring an EIR on the project.

A group of more than 25 families and individuals from Glenshire also sent a letter to town and county officials making their case for the necessity of an EIR on the proposal.

“From everything they were hearing from [town] staff and at the neighborhood meeting, they just decided to go ahead with the EIR,” said Town Planner Duane Hall.

The decision has relieved some Glenshire residents’ worries over wildlife and traffic impacts.

“We’re ecstatic that an EIR is being required,” said Glenshire Homeowners Association General Manager Geoff Stephens. “We believe that is the right process to take.”

Stephens said the homeowners association will monitor the selection of a company to complete the EIR and comment on whether the association believes that the company will address traffic and wildlife concerns adequately.

“Traffic is probably the largest concern that will have a trickle down effect in the area,” Stephens said.