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Tahoe Community Nursery School: Save Our School

Dear Tahoe Community,

About 14 years ago I walked through the doors of TCNS with my cousin Sarah who was 4 years old (she is now in college). I was babysitting for my Aunt Sandy and Uncle Tim so they could get away for a few days. I was in college in Sacramento studying early childhood education. My aunt had left me instructions for Sarah and what she needed for school. She wrote “please dress Sarah in her bathing suit.”

I looked outside. It was snowing and about 20 degrees. I thought “what is she talking about?” I continued to read… “then put her snow clothes over her bathing suit and take her to school.” So I did just that. When Sarah and I walked through the doors of TCNS a nice, colorfully-dressed woman came right to me and introduced herself as Mrs. Jones. She told me it was so nice to meet me. She then told Sarah how cute her bathing suit was and I thought, “wow, what a nice lady.” Then I looked around. There were two pools in the room with about 800 lbs of sand in them. The heat was cranked up to 80 degrees and all the teachers were in summer beach clothes. The beach boys were playing in the background. I really felt like I was at the beach. Mrs. Jones informed me it was beach day at the nursery school ” a day they do once a year to celebrate all the children’s birthdays that were in the summer.

I thought what a fun place, I want to stay. Little did I know then I would be staying. I am on my 13th year at TCNS. I started there when I was 21, under Mrs. Jones. She taught me about how wonderful this community is and how important this school is to the community. When I first started, everywhere I went everyone knew Mrs. Jones. Come to find out, my aunt (now 40) went to Mrs. Jones.

Tahoe Community Nursery School has been around for almost 45 years. Mrs. Jones created a legacy ” a wonderful place where kids can be kids. Where we can teach through songs, games and fun activities that get children excited about school and learning at an early age. There is so much love and compassion for the children and for what we do, day to day, at the school.

This year TCNS’s efforts for fundraising have not been successful due to the economy. We were forced to raise tuition to offset some costs, but we are still short of making it through the school year. We are working hard on more fundraisers. We ask, since the school has given so much to the community, the families remember all those wonderful times.

All the times Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Stout and all the other teachers during the years who loved your child, held your child, comforted your child and laughed and played with your child. We inquire if you could help us out and give back to a wonderful magical place that gave to you at one time so selflessly. We are asking for donations to help us Save our School! We cannot let this school go: It means too much to so many, and has for so long. We thank you for your love and support through these hard times.

Hugs and Loves,

Mrs. Stout

It is sad for me to report to you our cherished school (Tahoe Community Nursery School) is having a hard time. The major fundraiser isn’t happening this year due to economic times. The wonderful staff and Director Laura Stout are doing all they can to keep the school going, but they need some help.

I just read a little headline in the paper about football 45 years ago and I thought my gosh, TCNS has been going 45 years. Forty-five years of kids coming through our doors, their first foray into the big grown-up world. Now so many of those children are raised and have children of their own. Their parents are wondering where the years went.

I would like very much for those parents to remember those really fun times, to remember the laughter and those great hugs, to remember that TCNS played such a nice role in their development. It would be such a shame if this generation of beautiful kids didn’t have the same opportunity. With a little help from the community that has always been there for us. TCNS can continue providing a wonderful experience for these little ones.

I am hoping all of us will remember these times long past and join with me in sending a gift of love to TCNS.

Hugs and Loves,

thank you for caring!

Mrs. Jones

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