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Tahoe Forest Hospital Birth Announcements: May 2016

TRUCKEE, Calif. — The following are births for the month of May 2016, as submitted to the Sun by Tahoe Forest Hospital.

Koa Olive Binney: a boy, was born 5/1/16 to Travis Eckert & Alice Binney of Crystal Bay.

Finn Beau: a boy, was born 5/1/16 to Robert & Kacie Salas of Calpine.

Samuel Walter-Joseph: a boy, was born 5/4/16 to Chad & Jennifer Moore of Portola.

Imogene Rae: a girl, was born 5/10/16 to Wade & Allison Eybel of Carnelian Bay.

Aliza Guadalupe: a girl, was born 5/11/16 to Carlos Uribe Diaz & Yuliana Solis Moreno of Truckee.

Zion Pascual: a boy, was born 5/12/16 to Jorge Valdez Castillo & Teresa Martinez Valdez of Truckee.

Emma Victoria: a girl, was born 5/14/16 to Lico Quintana & Stephanie Swithenbank of Portola.

Marlen Anely: a girl, was born 5/15/16 to Antonio Angel Servin & Alicia Benavides of Tahoe Vista.

Alexa: a girl, was born 5/19/16 to Juan Alberto Gaudarrama Millan & Yuridiana Manzanares Ramirez of Kings Beach.

Nolan James: a boy, was born 5/24/16 to David & Arlette Tormey of Truckee.

Marena Gillett: a girl, was born 5/27/16 to Michael Villanova & Amie Gillett of Carnelian Bay.

Yuliana: a girl, was born 5/30/16 to Jose & Marisol Arriaga of Truckee.