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Tahoe Gear: Makboard

Seth Lightcap/Sierra SunMakboard designer and company founder Bob Candler and his partner Bob Ryan created the Makboard, a 100 percent plastic shred stick designed in Truckee.

Welcome to the second Tahoe Gear, a special Sierra Sun shopping season kickoff series that will open your eyes to a few manufacturers who started in Truckee and North Tahoe. Look out for a new manufacturer’s profile each day this week.


Who would have thought that Makrolon, a space age plastic used in jet fighter canopies, would be the secret ingredient that made snowboarding feel even more like surfing?

Meet the Makboard, a 100 percent plastic shred stick designed in Truckee, Calif., that’s built to rip snowy terrain like it’s a true frozen ocean. The unique flexibility of the Makboard allows you to arc extremely tight turns (like you were slashing a cutback) and spring out of them using the rebound properties of the Makrolon.

If you’ve been paying attention in the lift lines at local resorts for the last decade, you might have caught a glimpse of a Makboard or an earlier prototype on the feet of Makboard designer and company founder Bob Candler or his partner Bob Ryan.

Candler and Ryan have been perfecting the Makboard design in their Truckee garage shop winter after winter, but were finally able to offer this unique product to curious shredders with the help of outside manufacturers last year. The final Makboard design that you’ll find on shop shelves today is nothing less than a sculpted work of art that’s even recyclable.

While the Makboard can handle just about any snow condition aside from boilerplate, the 157 cm flexible board especially excels in soft snow where you can really push and slash with your feet individually.

“You have got to own a Makboard to truly understand it’s potential and the thrills that can be had on this new material,” said Candler. “The Makrolon frees you up, it’s not laminated , it’s not inhibited, it can take your riding to another place.”

For further information, check out http://www.makboard.com or visit Tait’s Boardshop in the Village at Squaw.

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