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Tahoe home improvement: Color your world happy

Kristen Fencl
Special to the Sun

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LAKE TAHOE and#8212; Just imagine how drab life would be without color! Nothing around us but black, white and grays! Wouldnand#8217;t such a world be depressing?

Certain color names instantly and unmistakably express states of mind, emotion or health. and#8220;Bluesand#8221; songs are sad and#8211; when you say you and#8220;feel blueand#8221;, everyone knows youand#8217;re not happy.

If youand#8217;re and#8220;in the pink,and#8221; youand#8217;re blooming with health and happiness. You can be green with envy, turn red with rage, or white with fright!

When selecting your color schemes, test your paint colors on different walls in the room and by the natural light in the morning, afternoon and the artificial light in your home in the evenings. Sometimes, artificial light can make some colors appear totally different.

Itand#8217;s also important to remember that incandescent bulbs generally tend to give off more yellowish glow, therefore giving color a bit more of a yellowish cast. While this may be flattering to warm colors, it may affect cooler shades in an unflattering manner.

Before finalizing any new and exciting color scheme, be sure to see how your colors will behave in the rooms they will be used, with the lighting present in those rooms!

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