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Tahoe home-selling tips: Holiday season brings many distractions

Lisa Wetzel and Jim Valentine
Special to the Sun-Bonanza

We are once again in the season of distractions. The Holiday Season from Thanksgiving through New Year is a wonderful time of the year in our region. Love and joy fills the air, emotions run high while many are given a helping hand where they would otherwise be overlooked.

Specialty food is eaten in copious quantities, the same with seasonal drinks. Celebration reigns this time of year. It can be a difficult time to get business done in a businesslike fashion.

The typical residential real estate transaction has many people involved throughout the process. Beyond the Buyer and Seller there are escrow personnel, lending personnel, appraisers, inspectors, repairmen, government agencies, etc.

Everyone of the people involved is susceptible to being distracted this time of year. It may be the company Christmas Party that shuts things down for an afternoon, or a senior supervisor that gets an extra few days off. Regardless of what it is, the result is that things can get delayed easily with all the distractions.

There isn’t much one can do if somebody isn’t available due to a Holiday conflict, but there is plenty you can do to minimize the impact of such delays.

The first thing Buyers and Sellers must realize this time of year is that it is important that they act in a timely manner all along the way. Don’t dally when documents are sent to you for signature. Sign and get them back immediately. Don’t you be the delay problem.

The Agents must be diligent in getting things scheduled. Inspectors are going to get busy and they will block the Holiday times to be with their families. Get your inspections ordered immediately. Repairmen, too, have the luxury of scheduling around holidays for things other than emergencies.

Figure out quickly what is going to be repaired and get it repaired before everyone gets sucked into the Holiday Vortex, the swirling red and green flashing Holiday Hoopla that is so much fun for everyone.

Keep an eye on deadlines throughout your escrow. If you miss one your contract may be voidable. It isn’t automatic, but if you want to continue with the purchase or sale be sure you remain in contract.

Allow time for distractions in new contracts written in the next few weeks. Lender’s underwriting will be short staffed, as will title, appraisal, etc. Plan on things not getting done in a timely manner, build in some flex time.

Time is important for everybody, especially when planning a move. Sellers need to know when they have to be out of their home, Buyers want to know when they can move in. Many people get a line of work that allows them to go home nights, weekends and holidays and leave the files behind.

They need to get your completed file in a timely manner so as to fit it in to their schedule. Remember that. They won’t work overtime Christmas Eve to close your escrow, nor should they.

Our Advice: Plan, prepare and act this time of year to have a smooth escrow. It is important that the Buyer and Seller be prompt throughout the process, more so this time of year.

Be clear about your expectations so everyone can agree up front to make it work, or not. Detail how you will get everything done, who will do it and when they will do it. Stay in communication with the Agents and make sure they are communication with the vendors. Steady communication will keep things moving to facilitate a timely close of escrow.

During your special times with family, friends and your community, please remember that not everyone is in a position to embrace the holidays. It is usually finances that cause unbelievable pressure and stress during this period.

If someone is grumpy please understand and give them a thought of love and, perhaps, a cookie.

Lisa Wetzel & Jim Valentine, CDPE, SFR, work for RE/MAX Realty Affiliates in the Carson Valley. Visit carsonvalleyland.com or call 775-781-5472 for information.

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