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Tahoe Pine Nuts: Forging a well-thought-of Republican party

While folding clothes the other day I had the good fortune to catch a program on C-SPAN, “House Speaker Paul Ryan Unveils Anti-Poverty Plan.” Prepared to be nonplussed, I was pleasantly surprised, slack-jawed and stunned.

Paul Ryan and seven of his Republican constituents gathered together to honor Bishop Shirley Holloway, founder of, “The House of Help City of Hope at Graceview,” in our nation’s capital. Ryan suggested that the Bishop Shirley Hollway’s of our country are the people we should be listening to.

So where did these Paul Ryan Republicans come from, and where have they been all my life?

I had to remove my glasses and rinse them in the sink to be sure these were Republicans I was watching … John Kline of Minnesota, Jackie Waloroski of Indiana, Mike Conaway of Texas, Tom Price of Georgia, Andy Barr of Kentucky, Bradley Bryne of Alabama and particularly, Kevin Brady, of Texas. I wanted to adopt Kevin Brady.

Republicans to my mind have always been successful, resourceful people looking out for other successful resourceful people, but not this gang of eight. They see the unemployed as trapped in a system that isn’t working and needs to be fixed.

Now, I ask you, why doesn’t Paul Ryan inspire these stellar public savants to forge a New Republican Party, and refrain from licking the boots of a windy-no-gooder who is not qualified to run anything more than a Miss Universe Pageant.

The Grand Old Party has been tarnished beyond reparation. It is no longer grand, and it is going to take a New Republican Party to save our two-party system.

I traveled in Russia for our State Department following the early days of perestroika and glasnost, and got to know a dedicated and hardworking university professor of physics who was teaching and living in poverty because the Russian system was not working. He was trapped, trapped like so many Americans today.

As an independent voter I will continue to register as a Democrat until such a time when we have open primaries.

Not unlike Mark Twain, “In political independence I have found a spiritual comfort and a peace of mind quite above price.”

As an independent voter I can champion Paul Ryan and his brand of Republicans who honor Bishop Shirley Holloway and recognize that many poor people in our country have made bad decisions but are willing and capable of making good decisions when given an opportunity.

Paul Ryan, you are a good listener. Please stand up for your party’s integrity and denounce the pretender who has temporarily carjacked your party. Donald Trump does have a good brain, as he says. I would estimate he has one of the best brains of the 13th century.

I’m glad I caught that C-Span program. If you are feeling a little jaded about politics right about now, I encourage you to watch it. It might give you as much hope as it gives mw. It’s called, “House Speaker Paul Ryan Unveils Anti-Poverty Plan,” anc you can watch it here: cs.pn/1Q5673i.

Yes, Virginia, there is hope in Mudville…

Learn more about McAvoy Layne at http://www.ghostoftwain.com.

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