Tahoe Pine Nuts: There’s a lady in the house – Harriet Tubman

Congratulations Harriet Tubman — abolitionist, humanitarian and Union spy. Now we need to rededicate the backside of that 20-dollar bill.

Let us remove the White House that Jackson almost burned down with his inaugural ball, and engrave a coded quilt, designating the Underground Railroad and safe houses that Ms. Tubman helped to establish.

Washington, Lincoln & Grant are safe, but Hamilton has got to go. If I had Mr. Lew’s job, Hamilton would be out and Winnemucca would be in.

As an advocate of Native American rights, Sarah Winnemucca penned the first book published by a Native American woman, “Life Among the Paiutes.”

She then went on to found a private school for Native American children. Sarah Winnemucca was not only great, but good, and sometimes good is enough.

Hamilton, on the other hand, left his wife and kids penniless when he engaged in a code of honor contest and lost big time.

He & Burr should have fought that duel on a field in France, where the only risk to their health would have been a chance of catching a cold.

I have yet to see the Broadway play, “Hamilton,” and when I do see it I shall have an open mind.

It won a Pulitzer Prize for drama so it must be good, but I doubt it can win me over. Sarah and our Native Americans have been ignored for far too long.

Now is Jack Lew serious when he estimates these new bills will be in our wallets by 2030? 2030?! Hey Jack, there are a few of us out here that will be pushing up turnips in 2030, can’t you hurry it up a little?

Besides, by 2030 we are going to be a moneyless society and those bills will go straight into the Smithsonian Institution where people will stand around and argue about who should rightfully have been memorialized on those stately pieces of museum art.

I guess for now I should be satisfied with my 2016 Mark Twain Commemorative Coin, the only thing our 114th congress could get together on, and the first American coin to be minted in honor of an author of literature.

I took one of my silver dollars to jeweler extraordinaire Dave Able up in Virginia City, and he put a beautiful bevel on it so now I can use it as a watch fob.

I show it off to anybody who will stop long enough for me to exhibit it, and nobody has gone away disappointed yet.

And too, we can be proud of our 2006 Nevada quarter, adorned with stallions running wild. One end bites, the other end kicks and there’s trouble in the middle too … perfect for Nevada.

As Mark Twain might like to say, “I’ve observed there are more horses asses in the world than there are horses.” And, a 2016 corollary to that aphorism might be, “Yes, and they all have drivers licenses.”

That said, here’s to that amazing lady, Harriet Tubman — abolitionist, humanitarian and Union spy.

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