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Tahoe Singles are up for a good time

Christine Stanley
Sierra Sun
Photo by Ari Steffen/Sierra SunMore than 120 area residents are on Tahoe Singles' e-mail list.

They’re a good-looking, forward-thinking, active bunch of middle-aged folks. On Tuesday the “Bobs” went skiing, a half-dozen others took a snowshoe trip last Sunday and every week a healthy handful meet for dinner and drinks.

They’re the Tahoe Singles, and they’re out for a rockin’ time. And on Tuesday night, it was taco time at Madigan’s Grille and Tavern.

But don’t let the name mislead you, Tahoe Singles is not a dating service, but it is a way to meet new faces and friends ” like the Bobs, Bobcat Bob and Tahoe Vista Bob ” who might otherwise be lost in the lift-line crowd.

“It’s functions for people to get together and do something, and if you meet someone, well, then you meet someone,” said Liz Moore, who has been participating in and organizing the group’s activities, such as barbecues and kayaking, for three years. “Plus, it’s nice to have a support group up here. If your car breaks down, you have someone to call.”

More than 120 area residents are on the group’s e-mail list, but for the most part, activities and outings draw about a dozen attendees, depending on time and location. They mingle and chat over glasses of chardonnay; conversations spiral around travel, hiking the Grand Canyon, shared interests, and the latest local happenings.

“There is a real need for something like this up here,” said Truckee resident Lemar Mazzocco.

Others around her nod their heads in agreement.

“I get tired of hanging with my married friends,” said part-time Truckee resident Peggy O’Neill. “Sometimes you feel like a third wheel.”

In an area that caters to the social desires of a party-hardy 20- and 30-something crowd, older singles said it’s often difficult to find one another in the mix.

“People in older age groups don’t go to bars to meet one another,” said part-time Truckee resident Turley Mings. “That doesn’t appeal to me.”

What does appeal to this group is an ever-changing schedule of events and gatherings that draw both familiar faces and new.

“Age is a state of mind, and there are a lot of young-thinking minds here,” Mazzocco said.