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Tahoe Transit to drop Lake Forest bus stop

Jenny Goldsmith
Sierra Sun

Emma Garrard/Sierra SunA bus leaves a Lake Forest bus stop Tuesday after picking up a passenger. Tahoe Area Regional Transit will discontinue the stop next month.

Next month, Tahoe Area Regional Transit is planning to discontinue service at Lake Forest bus stops away from Highway 28, and likely begin service at a new location.

The change will be implemented to improve safety and to maintain a regular schedule, transit officials said on Monday.

“Driving through the area has been an issue for years,” said Will Garner, the transit agency’s public works manager.

The change is scheduled to take place on Sunday, Nov. 18. The agency cited its interest in maintaining route schedules as the main reason for the alteration.

“The extra time it takes to drive through Lake Forest hurts the rest of the schedule, because it is the only part of the route from Incline to Tahoma where the bus exits a state highway,” said Garner.

Furthermore, Garner added, narrow roads cause poor access in the winter, making it difficult for the large buses to maneuver.

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“Lake Forest is the only reason for using chains on the buses, which also affects the timing,” Garner said. While the change may impact some Lake Forest residents, the transit agency will add several stops on Highway 28 in Lake Forest for the convenience of local residents.

“Overall, it is an advantage for Tahoe City and Kings Beach passengers because it cuts their travel time, so it serves more of the masses,” Garner said.