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Tahoe’s most eligible bachelor

Back in December we teamed up with Fine N Funky boutique in Tahoe City and asked action readers to nominate the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in the Tahoe/Truckee area.

With a prize package of $250 gift certificates to Fine N Funky on the line for the winners, along with a haircut and makeover by Lisa Arnbrister of Salon Fandango in Truckee, we received a variety of nominations which were then paired down to the folks you see on this and the following pages.

Not surprisingly, we received almost twice as many nominations for bachelors as for bachelorettes (perhaps reflecting the lopsided ratio of single guys to single girls in the Tahoe area).

And while not everyone could take the title of “Tahoe’s Most Eligible,” we think that all of these folks are deserving of your attention.

So the next time you see these eligible guys, say hello.

We’ll start by listing the guys who were nominated, with the winner profiled at the end.

Age: 42

Job/Occupation: Chiropractor

Lives in: Tahoe Donner

Hobbies/activities: skiing, mt. biking, playing in the water, hiking, dinner and wine, the healing professions and he’s also learning pilates

Sign: Taurus

Hometown: Westchester County, N.Y.

How did you come to live in this area: I decided that if I won the lotto I would want to do buy a motor home and drive it across the country to a beautiful destination… and then I figured, why wait for the lotto.

Why he wants the title “Most Eligible”: Because I want to meet that special person.

What are you looking for in a girl: A soul mate and partner ” someone to play with and grow with.

Age: 38

Job/Occupation: owner of landscape business Earth Works Maintenance and Skis to You ski rental delivery service; manager ski corp. rental shop

Lives in: Lake Forest

Hobbies/activities: ultra-marathoner, soccer, mt. biker, tri-athlete, music, burning man and Jazz Fest every year

Sign: Aries

Hometown: Tahoe City

How did you come to live in this area: Watched Blizzard of Oz, graduated college and hit the road for California. I wanted to be Glen Plake.

Why he wants the title “Most Eligible”: The ratio is 7:1 so I would be the cream of the crop.

What he is looking for in a girl: The short list is attractive, athletic, funny, honest and smart. If I can’t carry on a conversation, then this girl isn’t for me.

Age: 25

Job/Occupation: Bartender at River Grille and Old Greenwood

Lives in: Dollar Hill

Hobbies/activities: snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, mt. biking, boating, live music, poker, dancing

Sign: Leo

Hometown: Napa, Calif.

How did you come to live in this area: I enjoy the mountain lifestyle, and didn’t want to join the real world after college.

Why he wants the title “Most Eligible”: To meet all the eligible ladies that I haven’t met yet.

What he is looking for in a girl: Good sense of humor, smart, attractive, honest and caring.

Age: 24

Job/Occupation: Race services at Squaw Valley

Lives in: Highlands

Hobbies/activities: skiing and hanging out with friends

Sign: Taurus

Hometown: Minitonka, Minn.

How did you come to live in this area: All his friends moved out here, and he decided to jump on the bandwagon.

Why he wants the title “Most Eligible”: I”m a cool guy and I like to have fun.

What he is looking for in a girl: The basics ” smart, funny and attractive.

Age: 36 (youngest of 8 siblings)

Job/Occupation: co-owner of Pacific crest snow cat ski company, mandatory clothing apre-shred wear, Sierra Nevada marine and automotive detail, Alaska backcountry adventures, Truckee whitewater adventures and I.R.E.E rafting company.

Lives in: Talmont

Hobbies/activities: telemark skiing, motorcycling, skateboarding, snowboarding, golf, tennis, racquetball, boating and car racing

Sign: cancer

Hometown: Orinda, Calif.

How did you come to live in this area: His family moved here in ’71 when his father started the Concourse d’elegance boat show.

Why he wants the title “Most Eligible”: To let people know that I am an honest, hardworking person.

What he is looking for in a girl: honesty, activeness and kindness.

Age: 36

Job/Occupation: construction

Lives in: Verdi, Nev.

Hobbies/activities: skiing, soccer, motorcycles, mountain biking

Sign: Aries

Hometown: Hunton, N.Y.

How did you come to live in this area: For the skiing and the weather.

Why he wants the title “Most Eligible”: To meet new girls. Because in my profession, I’m always around guys.

What he is looking for in a girl: Somebody who is truthful and not fake.

Age: 36

Job/Occupation: general contractor

Lives in: Squaw Valley

Hobbies/activities: any outdoor activities, live music, dancing

Sign: Libra

Hometown: Richland, Mich.

How did you come to live in this area: Moved here to be a ski bum. It worked out really well.

Why he wants the title “Most Eligible”: I’ve put my time in here and haven’t found anyone yet.

What he is looking for in a girl: Someone who is spontaneous and lots of fun, and doesn’t get caught up in things that don’t matter. A woman that understands what Tahoe is all about.

Age: 39

Job/Occupation: Handyman

Lives in: Tahoe Donner

Hobbies/activities: music, dancing, skiing, climbing, rafting, boarding… I like it all

Sign: Gemini

Hometown: Los Altos, Calif.

How did you come to live in this area: I got kicked out of Tahoe city.

Why he wants the title “Most Eligible”: So I can get some booty.

What he is looking for in a girl: Athletic and outgoing, with a tight butt.

Interviewed by Christine Stanley

action staff writer

Where are eligible bachelorettes likely to find you? At Bar of America from 5-6 p.m. on most Thursdays or Fridays. And, of course, he is available for autographs.

What is your favorite local mountain? Squaw Valley

Do you have a favorite run? North bowl of Headwall

Do you have any special skills or superpowers? I can leap tall buildings in a single bound ” like from the Shoreline Amphitheater.

Where is the wildest place you’ve hooked up in Tahoe? Eagle Rock on the West Shore during a hike.

Where would you most like to hook up in Tahoe? Castle Peak

Middle Name? Lee

What’s your hottest feature? I would say my big Bazooka.

Bad habits?

“I don’t have any”

“Shut up”

“OK, Tequila ” El Pasoro Silver”

Favorite local band? Fearless Chicken at the Pastime.

Place you would like to take a lady out for a nice dinner? The Soul Domain at stateline. The menu changes all the time and its awesome.

Boxers or briefs? Boxers ” usually with cartoon characters, but my favorite ones say “Please.”

Drink of choice? Absolute Mandarin with Hansons Mandarin Lime

Education? Two-year general education degree from Butte Jr. College

Family dynamic? I have a wonderful mother, and four siblings.

Anything else? “I’m very outgoing and a good time all the time”

Neighbor Chris Corollo, Kings beach resident and long time friend says:

“Chris is a good fit for outgoing girls… The guy is always on the move and always doing something… He’s a sparkplug, he’s got endless energy for sure and you’ve got to be quick on your toes.”

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