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Tahoe’s most eligible bachelorette

Back in December we teamed up with Fine N Funky boutique in Tahoe City and asked action readers to nominate the most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes in the Tahoe/Truckee area.

With a prize package of $250 gift certificates to Fine N Funky on the line for the winners, along with a haircut and makeover by Lisa Arnbrister of Salon Fandango in Truckee, we received a variety of nominations which were then paired down to the folks you see on this page.

Not surprisingly, we received almost twice as many nominations for bachelors as for bachelorettes (perhaps reflecting the lopsided ratio of single guys to single girls in the Tahoe area).

And while not everyone could take the title of “Tahoe’s Most Eligible,” we think that all of these folks are deserving of your attention.

So the next time you see these eligible gals, say hello.

We’ll start by introducing the women who were nominated, with the winner profiled at the end.

Age: 23

Job/Occupation: Children’s Program Coordinator

Lives in: Kings Beach

Hobbies/activities: anything outside, skiing, beach, hiking, kayaking

Sign: Pisces

Hometown: Healdsburg, Calif.

How did you come to live in this area: Moved here two years ago to finish BA degree at SNC. Graduated in December. She now plans to get a MA at UNR in the fall.

Why she wants the title “Most Eligible”: I’m not sure, I hadn’t really thought about it.. Just to meet new people.

What she is looking for in a guy: Sensitive, caring, someone who likes outdoor recreation and likes animals.

Age: 22

Job/Occupation: Server at Sunnyside, Ticket sales at Squaw, Receptionist in Tahoe City

Lives in: Squaw Valley

Hobbies/activities: skiing, water skiing, going to beach, hiking, hanging out with friends

Sign: Pisces

Hometown: Born in Truckee, raised in Squaw

How did you come to live in this area: Born here. Skied on HS ski team and got to ski every day. Then after college she really wanted to have a year to ski before joining the real world and getting a real job. Thought she’d come back here and ski Squaw.

Why she wants the title “Most Eligible”: It would be cool I guess. Maybe I’d meet some decent guys and expand my horizons a little bit.

What she is looking for in a guy: Someone who is smart, funny, attractive, engaging, interesting and likes to ski too.

Age: 26

Job/Occupation: Singer, Real Estate Agent and performer with her father’s car-eating robot

Lives in: Donner Lake, Truckee

Hobbies/activities: snowboarding, surfing, hiking, singing, dancing, drinking wine, hanging out with friends, hot tubs

Sign: Cancer

Hometown: Malibu, Calif.

How did you come to live in this area: Serina was living in Los Angeles, in Venice Beach, and came up here in early Sept. 2005 for a cousin’s wedding and fell in love with the hiking, the lake, the people… She then decided to get out of L.A. and move here, a decision she’s been happy with since she arrived.

Why she wants the title “Most Eligible”: I’m not really sure how to answer. It would be flattering to be named the best bachelorette in Tahoe, especially because Tahoe has so many wonderful feelings about it. So when you’re the best of a place people love so much, it’s a great title. It’s much better than being the best in Chico or something.

What she is looking for in a guy: A guy that I can have fun with, that makes me laugh, that has great eyes, and loves music and the outdoors.

Age: 23

Job/Occupation: Cocktail Waitress

Lives in: Dollar Hill

Hobbies/activities: dancing, going to the gym, shopping and reading

Sign: Pices

Hometown: born in Forest Hill, Calif. and grew up in Medford, Mass.

How did you come to live in this area: Her sister lives in Tahoe with her family and a messy breakup in Boston brought her looking for something new.

Why she wants the title “Most Eligible”: I actually didn’t want to be named Tahoe’s most eligible bachelorette. I entered kind of as joke but I want to win this now. I guess I want to give hope to all the single gals in Tahoe.

What she is looking for in a guy: Sense of humor is key. Family values, and a fat wallet doesn’t hurt. Looks are completely secondary.

Interviewed by Paul Raymore

action editor

So how do you feel about being named Tahoe’s most eligible bachelorette? I think it’s very appropriate. I’ve been dating long enough in this area to get a feel for Tahoe’s dating scene…

What is good and/or bad about the dating scene in Tahoe? We’ll start with the bad ” pretty much after the first date the guys here want to settle down, have babies, get puppies, I don’t know. And they kind of have no game ” there’s no trickery.

You’re coming from Boston before moving here. Do you think that’s just because this is more of a small-town atmosphere? Yeah, it’s so small-town. This used to be my vacation spot for five years, and it’s completely different living here. You can’t live anything down. God forbid you dance up on the bar one night… Or if you try to juggle a couple of guys, they’re going to find out about it. It can suck.

So what’s the good? There are some fine, fine specimens of the male species around here ” some really good-looking guys.

Do you think being named Tahoe’s Most Eligible Bachelorette will change anything for you? I’ll definitely get some star status, but will it change anything? I don’t know. I’ll be the same. People might approach me just for that.

How did you wind up moving here from Boston? It was kind of like: Oops, I’m in Tahoe. I moved from Boston to Vegas, and some friends of my sisters’ husband flew out there for a bachelor party and I just flew back [to Tahoe] with them and thought: This doesn’t suck. So I stayed.

So what made you stay in Tahoe? Well, I wouldn’t stay if it wasn’t for my family. It’s so beautiful here, and it’s low-key, it’s mellow, and I need that now.

Everyone complains about the lopsided guy-to-girl ratio here, I’d think it would be a buyer’s market for women in Tahoe. So what are you looking for in a guy that’s so hard to find? Well, I like ethnic features ” big noses, big eyes ” as far as physical characteristics. I’m not really too picky about the physical though. They definitely have to have a witty sense of humor. Clean fingernails is always a plus. I also notice that the unshowered look is kind of common around here and that doesn’t really do it for me.

What’s really big for me is just couth, manners… it takes the littlest thing to send me packing. Like not saying “God bless you” after I sneeze.

And music is a huge thing for me, so if a guy knows Nina Simone or Otis Redding, and likes the same kind of music I like, that’s good.

So what is you taste in music? Seriously, like everything. I like all genres.

So who are you listening to now? Social Disorder is in my CD player. But everything really.

So what are the prospects for single girls in Tahoe? If you don’t mind having extra-marital affairs [it’s fine], because all the good guys are taken.

No, honestly, it’s about not settling and finding someone you click with. If it’s there, it’s there, but most of the time it hasn’t been there for me. But I’m not ruling out Tahoe guys in general because they come from all over the world, so you can’t really put a spin on them. But, so far, I just haven’t found someone to click with.

So many people up here make a big deal about the over-abundance of guys, especially in the younger age range. Have you noticed that as well and do you see it as a problem? Yeah, I feel so sorry for the guys.

Does it work out in your favor when you’re going out? I get a lot of attention, but at the same time, my guy friends sometimes won’t even come talk to me because they’re like “I’m not going to stand in line and take a number.”

So it’s kind of annoying sometimes. I like a challenge. So if I see a cute girl in a bar, I’m happy. But I don’t meet guys in bars. Or, I’ll meet them there, but they don’t get the digits.

Everyone says that. From a woman’s point of view, where are the best places to go to meet good guys? Anything but a bar actually ” coffee shops, the gym, come up to me in the library, the grocery store.

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