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Tahoe’s weather is easing toward fall

Simon Smith
Sun News Service

Jim Grant/Sun News ServiceBlue skies and warm temperatures, with pine cones likely, are in the extended forecast for Lake Tahoe.

SOUTH LAKE TAHOE ” Although our weather really is not going to change much over the next few days, there are some subtle changes that indicate that the pattern is beginning to transition away from summer and into early autumn.

The most notable change is that our big, hot continental high is slowly retrograding into the eastern Pacific, which will allow some cooler air to begin to filter into the Rocky Mountain region.

For us, the northwest flow aloft will simply allow temperatures to drop only slightly.

Expect sunny skies today and warm conditions with highs rising into the upper 70s to lower 80s with upper 80s around Markleeville and Woodfords.

Winds will pick up a little this afternoon from the west or southwest in the 10 to 15 mph range.

Clear skies, longer nights and dry air will allow temperatures to cool back down into the upper 30s in the typical cold spots like Truckee and Meyers, with 40s for the rest of us and lower 50s in the warmer areas on the north and east shores.