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Take the bull by the horns with lavender essential oil

The floral smell of lavender oil is calming, cooling, soothing and popular among women and men alike.
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Astrology has a beautiful way of depicting each sign through the description of an animal or entity. In this week’s entry I dive head first into the stubborn and pleasure-seeking Bull.

The typical Taurus individual may display signs of tension in the neck and shoulders due to their constant need to take on the responsibilities of others.

This is the sign of the steady achiever, the nose to the grindstone worker, the wine and diner.

The Taurus Bull loves all things related to pleasure like good food, fabulous friends and luscious desserts. They enjoy emotional connections on a sympathetic and simple level — no need to finesse a Taurus in the bedroom because the art of lovemaking comes easily to the Bull.

DID YOU KNOW?Lavender essential oil almost immediately relieves sunburn when applied topically.

Lavender is a fabulous essential oil to diffuse in the evening for a Taurus who is looking to blow off some steam after a long day at work since this oil helps to increase positive feelings and reduce rigidity.

Sometimes, the Taurus encounters bouts of aches and pains within the throat or neck due to an inability to express feelings that may hurt others.

Lavender essential oil can help to encourage free flow of energy while reducing fatigue. Try applying a few drops on the neck twice a day for any soreness that results from mental strain or overextension.

Taking on a heavy load is something a Taurus does all too often. They are givers and although possessive at times the Taurus is here to improve the lives of others.

When a Taurus spends too much time helping others while neglecting their own needs, they can become grumpy and downright exhausted.

Lavender essential oil is an exquisite component in any self-care routine because it can encourage a connection with the feminine.

The floral smell is calming, cooling, soothing and popular among women and men alike. Each sign evolves from the previous sign and in this instance Taurus has gone from the selfish and impatient Ram into a slow moving and enduring Bull.

This is a beautiful transition, and yet sometimes the Bull needs to remember a little bit of that self-centered focus that the Aries knows all too well.

Lavender essential oil is the perfect massage oil for this time of year as it almost immediately relieves sunburn when applied topically.

Come by the spa and enjoy a renewing Swedish massage with any of our talented and caring therapists. You needn’t be a Taurus Bull to find this treatment pleasure full either.

Sarah McCallum is a massage therapist at North Lake Massage & Skin Care in Tahoe Vista. Visit northlakemassageand skincare.com to learn more.

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