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Christine Stanley
Sierra Sun

Ryan Salm/Sierra Sun Teacher of the week -Grace Flores

Elementary Spanish

Tahoe Lake Elementary

It is funded by the [Parent Teacher Organization]. Because of budget cuts, there is less money, but we have some very involved parents that really wanted their children to learn a language. I have a contract with the PTO to do this.

No. I’m actually a social worker. But my daughter went to school here and I was interested in her learning a language, so I got involved.

I am from Venezuela, and I came here about 25 years ago. I try to teach my students cultural stuff and to have them try new foods and music. I’ll teach them about Cinco de Mayo, and I’m planning on taking students on a trip, though I haven’t picked a country yet. I would also like to do a bilingual play, but I only have a half-hour each week with the kids.

It’s tricky to teach the little ones, so we do a lot of singing. They are going to learn vocabulary, not necessarily apply it to a dialogue, which is what the older kids will do. For the older kids, the focus is them being able to initiate a conversation.

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