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TEACHER OF THE WEEK: Jill Parmeter-Zapota

Christine Stanley
Sierra Sun
Ryan Salm/Sierra SunJill Parmeter-Zapota

Coldstream Alternative

Ninth-12th grade English and social studies

We have 65 students who meet with us once a week and are responsible for keeping up with the work for the week. We can identify their strengths and weaknesses and give them a program that works for their learning style. It lets them strive individually, and that self-actualization is really important.

Yes. We are 100 percent a part of the (Tahoe Truckee Unified) school district. There is also a misconception that our students don’t have a strong academic course load, but it’s quite the opposite. In addition, a lot of our students are athletes and are maintaining rigorous athletic schedules while finishing American government, U.S. history, and things like that.

I really respect what young adults are going through, and I think that giving them alternatives in their education is key. I’ve always been drawn to alternative education because of the opportunity to help students in non-traditional ways.

Everybody has the capacity to learn, and I need to support my students in obtaining a strong education. They all bring something to the table, and it’s my job to take that and to help them be successful from that point on.

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