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Teacher OF THE WEEK: Judi Finney

Christine Stanley
Sierra Sun
Emma Garrard/Sierra SunDonner Trail fourth and fifth grade teacher Judi Finney and student Stevye Laine, 10,are this week's student and teacher of the week.

4th/5th grade combo

Donner Trail

I was working as a teacher’s aide in a high school reading program while getting my Master’s in Recreation Administration. I had so much fun as an aide that I decided to add a major and become a teacher.-

My philosophy is to try and meet every child’s need where ever they may be, continue from there and hopefully make them a lifelong learner.-

My fourth grade teacher Mrs. Hogan at-Miramonte Elementary in Ojai, Calif., was one of my favorite teachers. She used a lot of “learning by doing” activities, and that was fun for me since I couldn’t sit still in my seat.-

In the past I taught fitness, so I might go back to teaching fitness classes, or some kind of sport.-

P.E. and Literature are tied for first place. I love P.E. because you get to learn by doing! I like to read all kinds of books, and getting to read books with kids is a bonus.

The Sun’s Christine Stanley conducted this week’s “Teacher of the Week” and “Student of the Week” interviews. Please check out next Monday’s issue for more.