Tech Talk – Beware of Evil Emailers |

Tech Talk – Beware of Evil Emailers

I’ve been hearing about new evil phishing emails circulating out there. What I should be on the look out for?


Cautious Carol

Great question! It seems like once you’ve figured out one evil email hoax, another one is ready to blindside you. So, here is the latest nasty email that’s circulating out there, it looks like it is from CNN (or similar news organization), with links to a fake CNN Web page. The Web page offers a “graphic” video on whatever is making headlines today. Recent examples are “Graphic Hamas Conflict Video” and “Michael Phelps Exposed.” The email even has an authentic looking thumbnail picture, but instead it hosts a Trojan that steals sensitive data.

Here’s how it works: When someone clicks on the video link on the fake site, an error message pops up urging the user to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. When the user clicks on the download link, it installs a “SSL stealer” Trojan that grabs financial and other sensitive information. The evil Trojan hunts for encrypted communications between the computer and known financial institutions. When it sees data being sent it diverts it a malicious third party.

Even worse, it leaves a door open for future instructions, so when the author comes up with their next dastardly scheme, the users computer is infected as soon as it calls home to the hacker. Like many recent infections, most users will never know they are infected, hackers have long since learned, it is easier to steal information, if the end user never knows they have control of their computer.

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This is my favorite file storage app. It shoots files to the iPhone’s flash memory via Wi-Fi for storage, transport and easy retrieval. Word docs, PDFs, and many other useful file types are supported.

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