Tech Talk – Make transporting images from digital cameras easy |

Tech Talk – Make transporting images from digital cameras easy

I’ve got a digital camera dilemma. Like a lot of people, I use an SD card to record my pictures. I have a card reader, which plugs to my laptop’s USB port. I’m constantly inserting and removing the SD card and it becomes the “H:Drive” when plugged in. Problem is that whenever I install the card, Windows XP asks me what I want to do with the card. Because it has audio, video and pictures on it, I always want to do nothing. How can I tell XP to quit asking me these questions or autoplay anything on this or any card?!?


Digital Dilemma Diane

I feel you DDD — this certainly sounds like an annoying situation. Typically when you get a window that asks what you want to do with the new PCMCIA device, you should also have a checkbox on that same window that allows you to specify whatever option you select as the future default action. However, if you don’t get this check box, it’s because you have several types of media on your SD card. This is common with many newer digital still or video cameras that take both still and video – this creates two media types. Having two media types on one card confuses Windows XP and therefore it doesn’t offer the typical AutoPlay Default Action check box.

If for some reason that window doesn’t include the default setting option, there’s another route you can take. First you need to install your SD card. Once the icon appears on your desktop, right-click on the E Drive, select “Properties” and then click on the “AutoPlay” tab.

I’m guessing in your case you want to have “Take No Action” as your default. Choose “Select No Action” to set the default action for this particular device.

Many readers may want to simplify the process of getting photos off their card. In this case you will want to choose a media type from the pull down menu just above the “Actions” box, and then choose the default action for that type of media. For example, choose “Pictures,” then click “select an action to perform” and choose “copy pictures to my computer using Microsoft Scanner and Camera Wizard,” then hit OK. This is will automatically download the pictures to your “My Pictures” folder every time you insert the card. You will still have to access the card for videos if need be. Most importantly, your photos will automatically be attended to.

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