Tech Talk – Navigate the social networking freeways to your advantage |

Tech Talk – Navigate the social networking freeways to your advantage

Loopt connects you with your friends and interests like never before.

I have the classic Facebook predicament. I went out partying with my girlfriends last week and suffice it to say we had a really good time. However, on the following morning one of my “friends” posted some photos of us frolicking to not just close friends but the whole network including professional contacts! How can I prevent future tagged photos from ruining my professional life?


Freaking Out Over Facebook

Preventing the infamous tagged photo or video from showing up in all of your friends’ news feeds is actually a pretty simple process. First visit your profile privacy page and modify the setting next to “Photos Tagged of You.” Select the option that says “Customize” and a box will appear.

Select the option “Only Me” and then “None of My Networks” if you would like to keep all tagged photos private. If you’d like to make photos visible to select uses you can choose to add them in the box under the “Some Friends” option. In the box that displays after you select “Some Friends” you can type either individual friends or friend lists.

A great additional step to truly control which pics get associated with you, is if you choose the “Only Me,” option, you can always ask your friends permission to upload pictures that are favoriable to your own profile. This lets you keep the good ones (and share them), while having the tagged ones remain more private. Remember, if the pics are just too embarrassing, it never hurts to directly ask someone to take down pics that you consider damaging.

A major theme in mobile apps now and in the future is the ability to discern the location of the user, and to use that knowledge in useful and compelling ways. Loopt fits this bill better than most mobile apps because of the way it melds location awareness with social networking. Loopt shows you a map, your position on it and just which mobile friends are in the vicinity.

Additionally, Loopt finds businesses in the area and offers tips based on your interests or specific questions (“golf, Italian food, wine bars”). Then sync up with your mobile friends to help decide. Later, when you’ve agreed upon a destination, you can invite everyone and all of you will have access to directions. Now all you have left to decide is who is paying for the first round! You can also get it to interact with most other social media. Loopt can be set up to update your location to Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and many other social sites.

” Truckee-Tahoe resident Ernie Dambach is a self-admitted computer geek who enjoys helping others navigate their way through the digital world. His computer and networking company Tahoe Tech Group serves small and medium businesses, as well as the home computer user. Log onto, or call (530) 550-0999.

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