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Ted Owens My Turn: Why Measure A is important to this community

TRUCKEE, Calif. and#8212; I strongly endorse Measure and#8220;Aand#8221; and respectfully ask for your support as well. Let me tell you why.

A) State funding is ill-equipped to meet our local needs. In 1988 the voters of California passed Proposition 98, a K-12 school funding measure. Less than a year later, the communities of Lake Tahoe and Truckee recognized the deficiencies of a one-size-fits-all statewide approach and overwhelmingly passed Measure A, a local answer to filling the gaps ensuring our school system provided a well-rounded, high-quality education for our children. Measure A has generously been extended by voters five times since.

B) The state budget crisis will further reduce school funding. Measure A provides nearly $4 million. This local funding is directed to specific programs including music, art, PE, technology, counseling and nursing services, science, honors and advanced placement, and vocational education and is overseen by a Citizen’s Review Committee.

C) Tahoe Truckee kids do their part, we should do ours. Local kids deserve competitive opportunities. As with many rural communities, we haven’t the best technologies, equipment or sports fields, yet our students continually excel at academics, the arts and athletics, with many of them continuing on to university educations as a result of their work here. They have upheld their end of the bargain with the voters. We must do our part to support and match their efforts by voting to continue Measure A.

D) Quality schools say much about a community. Schools and roads and#8230; these are the first things people tend to look at when measuring up a community. Schools reflect values of a community and display a balance many of us were fortunate enough to have had growing up. Our kids deserve this as well.

As with many of you, I grew up in a different world than our kids face today. So many programs were available to us without fundraising, auctions, or paying for your own music or sports equipment. For this reason, I look at supporting the continuance of Measure A as not only supporting my community and the fine young people who grow up here, but also as a repayment for the educational tools that were available to me.

I have heard some say, and#8220;no more taxesand#8221; or and#8220;I am over Measure A.and#8221; I get it, I am no fan of taxes either, but support of my community and the kids who have kept their end of the deal through excellence is for me an exception. As far as being and#8220;over Measure A,and#8221; don’t tell me about it. If you want to impress me, say it to the faces of our students.

Please Vote and#8220;yesand#8221; on Measure A on March 8.

Ted Owens is Nevada County District 5 supervisor, representing Truckee.

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