The black hole of Tahoe |

The black hole of Tahoe

photo by Alex Close"Could I have a Venti, extra-hot, non-fat, caramel machiato... and your phone number?"

Long has the stereotype of Tahoe existed: There are not enough girls here.

It’s really more of a truth than a stereotype, with a ratio that seems to fluctuate somewhere around eight guys to every girl, there really is not a lot to choose from for a guy on the prowl.

The precious few women around these parts are quickly gobbled up on date nights by the hoards of guys, causing most of the small number of girls that live here to be in a relationship.

There is one place that stands as an exception to that rule. One place where women outnumber men, where the girls are beautiful and, shocking as it may sound, single.

Tucked away in a corner of the Event Plaza at Squaw Valley’s village is a little paradise called Starbucks.

The “Starbunnies” that slave behind the counter whipping up mochas, lattes and hot chocolate for the chilled hoards of skiers coming off the slopes are all gorgeous and a shockingly high percentage are single.

Josh, one of the few guys who works at the coffee shop says it’s the “black hole of Tahoe.”

“People don’t believe me when I tell them that all these single girls work here,” Josh said.

According to Ayla, an employee who nominated close to a dozen of her co-workers for action’s Most Eligible Bachelorette contest, it’s because they’re smart.

Ayla says that “if there is a single girl here it’s because she’s looking for a guy whose not the typical Tahoe guy.”

In other words, these girls don’t want to settle for your average ski bum bro-brah who works two jobs just to fund his ski pass and a few cases of PBR each weekend.

Ayla said that most of the single girls at Starbucks are in their mid- to late-20s or early 30s, have a degree or multiple degrees and are looking for someone who is more settled in life.

Oh, and as if a bunch of educated, abnormally attractive single girls isn’t enough on its own, a handful of them are Brazilian.

There’s not a whole lot sexier than a Portuguese accent.

Tired of your typical Saturday night, shoes sticking to the floor at Pierce Street, drunk dudes all waiting in line to talk to the three girls in the place, who will inevitably puke on someone after having too many drinks bought for them?

Try something new. Check out Starbucks in Squaw, the coffee is strong and the place is well lit with plenty of windows to watch the tired gaper skiers walk through the plaza. But the view is not outside, the view is behind the counter.

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