The Santa Diet: A recipe for health |

The Santa Diet: A recipe for health

Amy Edgett/Sierra SunSanta Claus, children's advocate, author and Christian monk, lights a candle at St. Patrick's Episcopal church, Incline Village, Nev. Claus' approach to health strives for harmonious balance between the physical, emotional and spiritual.

This just in ” Santa Claus dropped two shirt sizes. “This is the first generation where parents may outlive their children, according to the National Institute of Health,” said Mr. Claus of the impending obesity epidemic. “I’ve had the problem myself; a thinner Santa will be a better example for the children.”

To increase the public’s awareness and provide a guideline for physical, emotional and spiritual health, Mr. Claus, recently of Incline Village, Nev. has written a book: The Santa Diet.

“I’ve been on and off diets for years and spoken with many experts,” said Mr. Claus. “There is a basic rule of thumb, calories in calories out. It’s that simple.”

Santa is referring to the fact you should not eat more than you burn per caloric intake. He allows there are differing opinions on what “goes in,” and suggests that part be addressed by your health practitioner.

Mr. Claus moves beyond the physical and asks reader to be considerate of everything that “goes in.” Whether it be music, art or water, the choices we make become a part of us. “There is a strong relationship between the physical, spiritual and emotional,” said Claus. “If any one suffers, the other two will follow.”

About the food. Claus refers to the old adage “variety is the spice of life,” and suggests a gamut of color, texture, consistency and flavors. Also, keep the salt and sugar low, no carbonation and lots of water. God presents us with opportunities to make good choices. Eat right, all right?

About the spirit. “Everything we do is a choice, based on love or fear,” explains Claus. An important element in our spiritual health is forgiveness and love. The Santa Diet is about the love. Forgiveness is easy when you realize you can’t control what other people do or think. Santa likens fear to loss. It could be loss of a partner, money, your home or love. It operates on all levels of society and self. Love will always triumph over fear if we make our best effort. And with thhe loss of fear, there goes the hate. It’s a huge dynamic. Get rid of the junk, or “impedementa,” which means baggage in Latin.

About the body. It’s like the economy. You’ve got to keep things moving around or they will wither and die. Regular exercise, moderate to marathon, whatever suits your self is the key. I did say regular, right? Don’t overdo anything, including the food.

The Santa Diet was written as a gentle reminder to incorporate love as a basic and most nutrtious ingredient. Sannta Claus is a Christian monk, in the tradition of St. Nicholas from centuries long gone. It is not full of recipes ” it is ripe with ways to enjoy peace, happiness, the blessings of your life and the relationships therein. It is a mindful book to begin a change within yourself.

“There is a tremendous opportunity in America to demonstrate to our youth our innate power to create change,” said Claus. “How hard is that?”

The Santa Diet, to be published by Cafe Press, will be on bookshelves in late April. Look for Santa signings at the Lake Tahoe Wellness Center in Kings Beach and For Goodness Sake in Truckee. Visit or for information.

“All that God requires is to love God and on another. If you are interested in becoming healthier, in loving, and in being loved, you will find ample, common sense material in The Santa Diet. I think you’ll enjoy the gentle reminders and will find yourself exercising, meditating, recognizing the gifts and blessings in your life, and enjoying a new peace, happiness, and, most of all, love.

Blessings, Santa

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