Thefts plague construction sites |

Thefts plague construction sites

Andrew Cristancho
Sierra Sun

Truckee police are reporting a rash of tool thefts from local construction sites in the past week.

“Property crimes always grow [in the summer],” said Truckee Police Department’s Lt. Randy Fenn. “There’s an influx of people and there’s a lot of construction. Let’s face it; [the sites] are in the woods and relatively secluded.”

The thefts have usually occurred at or around construction sites where tools are often left overnight in a locked container. Lately those containers have been broken into and some have been vandalized.

Fenn said Truckee police do not yet have evidence to link the theft spree to an individual or group.

In an effort to stop the burglaries, Truckee Police are conducting nightly patrols of Truckee-area construction sites equipped with hand-held thermal imagers to locate suspects.