Three Feathers Holistic Energy Healing & Wellness approaches 2 years in Truckee |

Three Feathers Holistic Energy Healing & Wellness approaches 2 years in Truckee

Tanya Fuller has operated Three Feathers Holistic: Energy Healing & Wellness in Truckee for nearly two years.
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Business: Three Feathers Holistic Energy Healing & Wellness

Location: 9705 Highway 267, Suite 5, Truckee

Phone: 775-742-5936

Whether it be through leading dozens of locals and visitors at a yoga class or taking an individual through a one-on-one reiki session, Tanya Fuller is focused on helping locals and visitors to the area make a shift in their lives toward the positive.

For nearly two years, Fuller, 41, has operated Three Feathers Holistic: Energy Healing & Wellness, a Truckee business that offers energy healing sessions and workshops.

From growing up in “not a great” environment to discovering music and the meditative benefits of running and yoga, and then later starting a family, Fuller has taken facets and lessons learned throughout her life and rolled them into classes and sessions.

“This just snowballed into Three Feathers,” she said.

As a child, Fuller said she often retreated to her room, arranging and rearranging her belongings to create a space she felt comfortable in.

“I didn’t realize it at the time, but it was to clear energy,” she said. “I would go to my room and move and clean and do all this stuff. It’s always been there. I just didn’t have a name for it.”

Those experiences led to an interest in interior design, something she now incorporates into her upstairs space off Highway 267 in Truckee, where she holds sessions.

Fuller later became interested in the cognitive benefits of running, which then led to her beginning to take yoga classes, something she’s now been doing for 20 years.

“In the beginning I was like, ‘Why am I going to sit there and stretch? This is so silly,’” she said. “And then I got into yoga.”

Move to California

Then a little more than 10 years ago, Fuller and her husband, Ben, moved from their home in Portland to Lake Tahoe where the two started a family. It was about that time that anxiety and stress began taking hold.

“I loved how (yoga) felt — to be on the mat and to breathe, but then yoga wasn’t enough,” said Fuller.

She decided to attend a reiki session, an alternative healing technique based out of Japan, hoping it would help relieve her anxiety.

“I found reiki as a way to help me,” said Fuller. “Having children is a really big change in someone’s life. It’s a lot of responsibility and a lot of wanting to make changes on yourself so that you can be a good guide for these little ones. That’s when the self-work started to kick in.”

From there, Fuller began down a decade-long path of learning different alternative healing practices, while also teaching yoga in the area and providing services as a doula — serving as a guide to pregnant women in labor.

After spending several years living in the basin, Fuller, her husband, and their family moved to Truckee. Taking inspiration from her three children, she then opened Three Feathers Holistic: Energy Healing & Wellness, which celebrates two years in the area this spring.

“They inspired me in different ways, and I learned different things about myself with each kid,” said Fuller on the experience of being a mother. “The great thing about what I do is, I can talk to my kids about it. It’s important for me that they take something out of what I’m doing.”

At her Truckee location, Fuller offers a multitude of options for sessions, combining and tailoring the different forms of alternative healing depending on the individual.

“I want people to get in touch with how they feel, so that we’re not stuffing emotions, and then freaking out,” said Fuller. “People are coming in because they have a specific problem that they need help figuring out, or they’re just off, or they just need to relax.”

Aside from hosting sessions at Three Feathers, which she does four to five days a week, Fuller can also be found leading yoga classes at Truckee Yoga Collective, and Old Greenwood, as well as teaching high-intensity interval training at Wanderlust Yoga Studio.

Moving forward, Fuller said her goals are to continue to grow Three Feathers, collaborate with other businesses in the area, and to continue to learn new things to incorporate into her healing sessions.

“I want to continue to see clients and offer more workshops,” she said. “And just being open to whatever new ideas come through.”

For more information or to book a session, visit

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