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Tick fever infects Truckee residents

People who have a recurring fever should contact their doctors: A tick-borne fever has been diagnosed in eastern Nevada County.

Two people in the Truckee area were sickened by tick-borne relapsing fever, county Public Health Officer Dr. Joseph Iser said Tuesday. They have been treated with antibiotics and are recovering, he added.

But anyone with the following symptoms should call their doctor: Sudden fever of 104 degrees to 105 degrees, chills, headache, muscle ache, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain and rash.

The symptoms last three to five days, go away, then come back a few days later.

“The cycle can repeat many times,” Iser said. The disease is not normally life-threatening, but people with weak immune systems are more vulnerable, he added.

The bacterium, called a spirochete, typically infects rodents, then is carried by a soft-bodied tick to other victims. The tick isn’t the kind normally encountered, but lives in cool, ark areas such as rat nests, between walls and in woodpiles. They don’t cling to their host and leave no sign of a bite, Iser said.

Symptoms develop five to 15 days after infection.

“Trina Kleist, Sun News Service